Going Chinese: Luk Yuen

by - Wednesday, July 06, 2016


We always pass by this place and see that it's always full, despite being spacious and having a second floor.

I am actually running out of affordable Chinese restaurants around my area so I decided to finally try this place. I arrived the restaurant around 11:15am and the place was not full, perhaps because it's still a bit early for lunch. I was led to my seat and was given the menu. After around 5 minutes, I've finally decided on my order:
1 beef brisket wanton noodles (small - P145)
1 hakaw (4 pcs P170)
1 pork siomai (4 pcs, P145)
1 cup yangchow rice (P90)
1 shrimp balls (3 pcs P165)

I actually asked the waiter on whether I should get the fried shrimp dumpling or the shrimp balls, and he told me to try the latter, and because of this I'd like to thank him since the shrimp balls were good 128522

After ordering I was given some sort of chips to snack on, and some tea while waiting for my order. After around 10 minutes my order started to come one at a time, although the waiter informed me earlier on that it'll take 15-20minutes. So kudos to them for the fast service!

The noodles: smaller than what I thought. Yes, I chose the "small" (instead of regular) but the size of the serving didn't seem enough. Let's just say that the serving of this dish is just half of what other restaurants offer, for the same price. Also, the dish was a bit bland for my taste. Usually when I order beef brisket noodles, the dish is more salty, and you'll notice from the first taste that the dish had beef even without looking at it. But this one is different. It seemed like it's just a normal wanton noodle topped with beef. It was okay, but the name of the dish didn't show.

The hakaw and pork siomai: These were flavorful, however I'm not sure if they were just re-steamed or under steamed. I know these are cooked, but they were a bit tough. Although when these 2 were served they weren't really too hot, so maybe that's the problem.

The yangchow rice was delicious. I didn't really had a lot of it but the first few bites were good.

The shrimp balls were my favorite! They taste like the typical shrimp balls but out of everything I ate, I think I liked this the most since I didn't see any flaw from it.

And oh, thanks for the free congee, Luk Yuen and happy 35th anniversary! They have this promo from July 3-10 wherein you'll be given a free dish if you order P500 worth of food (single receipt). The choices for the free dish are the shanghai buns, the wanton noodle (small) and the congee with century egg. And my total bill was P715 128522

Overall, the highlight of my visit was really the service of the staff (and oh, they do not have service charge). Everything was fast and the waiters were very friendly and attentive. The food was okay, some were a bit pricey for the portions. The ambiance of the place is good. It's well lit and clean, despite being a casual dining Chinese restaurant. (Some casual dining Chinese restaurants are messy).

My score:

Pricing – 4/5

Service – 3/5

Ambiance – 3.5/5  

Taste – 3.5/5

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