Wasabi Flavored Ice Cream and More at Dojo Dairy

by - Friday, October 06, 2017

Wasabi ice cream? Well, this has Dojo Dairy written all over it. It prides itself with extra creamy ice cream made from Hokkaido milk, plus uniquely Japanese flavors that will make you question how you've been living your life.
Here are just some of the flavors I've tried:

Matcha, the signature Japanese flavor, is probably the most expected flavor to appear on the menu. But although this is a given, the goodness of the green tea infused in the ice cream was heavenly.

Wasabi Light

How about you eat your sushi with your dessert? Wasabi light is one of the flavors I never thought would work with ice cream, but it did. Sadly, I can't bare the wasabi's stinging taste. I had one of my friends (who looooves wasabi) try it, though, and she became obsessed with it.

Black Sesame
My experience with the black sesame flavor was off to a shaky start. At first I found it a bit weird, with the texture being a bit "foamy" (I can't really describe it haha). But I got to appreciate its unique flavor after while. Its taste will surely stir up the curiosity in you.

Miso Sake
If you love Japanese rice wine, or miso soup?, then maybe you and the miso sake flavor is a match made in heaven. This was initially my favorite flavor because of its sweet and savory taste. It's like a melted miso soup with some milk and blended to make an ice cream. I just can't have too much of it because it can be a bit tiring to the taste buds.

The buttercream flavor was also good since it had the same creamy, Hokkaido milk texture, although it didn't appeal to me much because it's sweeter than the others I've tried (by just a bit).

Strawberry Banana
Finally, Dojo Dairy also offers common ice cream flavors such as the strawberry banana. The banana is what surfaced more in this flavor, which is favorable to me since I'm not much of a strawberry fan. It's also comparable to a smoothie turned ice cream.

Whatever flavor you might be into, I bet that there's something from Dojo Dairy that will interest you. 

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Address: Dojo Dairy has branches in Little Tokyo (Makati), Greenhills, and SM Megamall
Website: www.dojodairy.com
Facebook: @DojoDairy
Instagram: @DojoDairy

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