An 8-Course Degustation Menu to Mark Ilustrado's 29th Anniversary

by - Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ilustrado is a Filipino restaurant located in Intramuros. It is one that is committed to bringing the Filipino cuisine to a whole new level without sacrificing all the distinct characteristics that make this cuisine special. 

This year, to mark the restaurant's 29th anniversary, Ilustrado is offering an 8-course degustation menu for the whole month of October. The menu utilizes more local ingredients, transforming them into modern dishes with an added sophistication but retaining its unique Filipino taste. 

Kangkong Pesto Brioche served with Boursin Cheese

Kangkong Pesto Brioche served with Boursin Cheese

Kangkong Pesto Brioche served with Boursin Cheese. I loved how the soft, kangkong-pesto brioche bread complemented the boursin cheese so perfectly!

Kesong Puti Croquettes at Lato P175
Kesong Puti Croquettes at Lato. Deep fried kesong puti croquettes topped with sea grapes (lato), served with a side of baby mesclun, and salsa verde aioli. 

Oyster Laing Rockefeller P195
Oyster Laing Rockefeller. Aklan oyster topped with dried taro in coconut milk, reggiano, panko, and served with a slice  of lemon. The laing was delicious! It wasn't bitter yet it also wasn't dredged in coconut milk, although it overpowered the oyster a bit in terms of flavor.

Sayote Egg Drop Soup P125 
Sayote Egg Drop Soup P125

Sayote Egg Drop Soup. Soup made with sayote with a drop of quail egg, and served with crostini. It was a great way to warm up our tummies for everything that's coming next. I loved that it was a light soup that was not heavily reliant on cream as the base.

Burong Mangga Sorbet

Burong Mangga Sorbet
Burong Mangga Sorbet. The sorbet was too sour for me to finish all in just one bite, but I was able to finish it anyways. This is really good for those who love green mangoes!

BBQ Pulled Pork Tostadas
BBQ Pulled Pork Tostadas P215
BBQ Pulled Pork Tostadas. Slow-cooked pork in Filipino-style BBQ marinade and refried monggo (mung beans) on fried tortilla, topped with papaya slaw and arugula. This is probably the dish I wouldn't have guessed as having a Filipino twist, but it sure tasted great. I loved the tender pork having a sweet and barbeque flavor. A serving may also look small, but trust me, it was really heavy.

Sea Bass Sinantol

Sea Bass Sinantol P350
Sea Bass Sinantol. Chilean sea bass fillet with sinantol fried rice and arugula on the side. This was actually my first sinantol fried rice and it sort of made this dish my fave! It reminded me of another Filipino favorite - the bagoong rice, and it paired so well with the fresh sea bass.

Egg Pie Brulee P175
Egg Pie Brulee. Brulee egg tart, rose creme chantilly, strawberry, green grapes, mango, edible flowers. If the previous dish was my favorite, there has to be a least favorite one, and this is it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but I just didn't appreciate that the egg tart wasn't custardy and soft enough. I loved the fresh fruits on the side, though. 

I was impressed with the menu that Chef Bernice came up with for the restaurant's anniversary this year. I rarely see modern Filipino dishes where the Filipino ingredients and cuisine are very prevalent. Most of what I see are normally a fusion of cuisines, with very minimal Filipino vibe left. Plus, I really find the pricing really affordable.

The 8-course degustation menu is priced at P1,250 (plus 10% service charge), an amount that is unbelievably affordable. The dishes are also priced separately, giving you the option to order just the dish you want to try. 

Hurry and visit Ilustrado now as their 8-course degustation menu offer is only available for the month of October 2018!

My Scores:
Pricing - 4/5
Service - 5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Taste - 4/5

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Address: #744 General Luna Road, Intramuros, Manila
Operating Hours: Mall Hours
Contact: (02) 527-3674 or 527-2345
Budget: P1,250 + 10% service charge per person for 8-course menu 
Parking: Mall Parking 
Instagram: @ilustradorestaurant 
Facebook: @ilustradorestaurant 

(Date of Visit: October 6, 2018)

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