Wagyu Beef All-You-Want at This BBQ Restaurant in Kapitolyo

by - Friday, April 26, 2019

The Korean BBQ invasion has long started in Metro Manila. Filipinos have been queuing for at least 30 minutes just to enjoy unlimited grilled meats with their favorite banchans. But with all these Korean BBQ places opening around town, how would you know which one you would devote your time and money on when they all offer practically the same menu?
The easy answer? Choose one that can give you a different experience from all your previous ones. 

If you'd ask me for a suggestion, I would definitely tell you to go and try Wagyupsal.

What makes Wagyupsal different? Not only does this new place have modern, instagram-worthy interiors that'll make your KBBQ experience more comfortable, but they also offer unlimited wagyu beef. Yes, you read that right. They do have everything else that other KBBQ places have (i.e. unlimited sides, rice, soup, etc), but it's really the wagyu beef that gave this place have a special place in my heart. 


Sides: Japchae, Coleslaw,  Japanese Salad, Fishcake, Kimchi
Wagyu Rice 
Korean Soup

Cheese Dip
Just what side dishes can you expect to get unlimited refills of at Wagyupsal? There's - japchae, coleslaw, Japanese salad, kimchi, fishcakes, Korean soup, steamed egg, cheese dip, wagyu rice,  and even tempura! 


If you already found the side dishes overwhelming, then wait 'til you see all the meats in store for you at Wagyupsal! 

There are 4 kinds of pork you can enjoy: they have the samgyupsal, pork bacon, pork bulgogi, and spicy pork belly. 

There are also 3 kinds of beef: woosamgyup, beef bulgogi, and spicy beef belly.

But as I said, the crown jewel of Wagyupsal is their wagyu beef. There are three types you can order: bolar blade, top blade, and chuck eye roll.

Bolar Blade Wagyu 
Chuck Eye Roll
Sure, I've always loved the fatty beef belly offered by unli samgyupsal places, but the wagyu really is something else. My favorite would have to be the bolar blade wagyu. It's lean meat, but it's tender than regular beef. You can also tell the difference in terms of taste. Yummy! 

Their unli wagyu + pork + beef is available for P799 per person, but if you're not yet ready to try their wagyu choices, you can have their unli pork for P399 and unli beef + pork for P499 per person. Check out their menu here

I really really loved my experience at Wagyupsal. Their unli wagyu is worth the trip and the money. I've already told my friends how much I loved it, and we are planning to come back soon! I think now is the best time for you guys to also try it!

My Scores:
Pricing - 4/5
Service - 5/5
Ambiance - 5/5
Taste - 4/5

Hungry for more,

Address: D Strip Bldg, United Street, Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Operating Hours: 11:30am to 12mn daily
Contact: +63927 912 4880
Budget: from P399 per person
Website: https://wagyupsal.business.site/
Parking: Limited Parking 
Instagram: @wagyupsal 
Facebook: @wagyupsal 

(Date of Visit: April 8, 2019)

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