The Many Firsts in BGC and Where to Find Them: Food District on 5th

by - Friday, November 01, 2019

​If you're an employee working in one of the buildings in BGC, then you'll probably know the burden of going out for lunch every single day. It does not help that most of the restaurants in the area offer food at a steep price, so you either resort to having unhealthy fast-food, or cafeteria food for lunch (if your office has one). 

All this is about to change as Foodee Global Concepts bring you Food District on 5th. The main idea behind this food hall is to bring affordable luxuries and other firsts to BGC. They house a good number of stalls with a curated mix of well-known brands and other more promising new entrants to the industry. 

Here's a list of the stalls you can expect to see in the Food District: 

Macao Imperial
Seoul Lemon (K Alley)
Fruity (fruit shakes)
Pure Nectar (healthy, bottled drinks)
Mang Samalamig

Fatty Kim (K Alley) - Korean street food
Gyoza (K Alley)
Mr. Tentacles (K Alley)
Famous Belgian Waffle
Potato Corner

Llao Llao

Zark's Burgers
Hawker Chan
Banh Mi Kitchen
Inihaw X
Bakmi Nyonya
Pepper Lunch
Roast Beef Counter
Tosho (soon to open)
Le'Chon (soon to open)
Side Chicks (soon to open)
Ono Poke (soon to open)

Food Finds
Kettle Korn
Mama Empanada
Mi Gourmet
Gemsevilla Sweets

We were able to test out a bunch of these brands. Some have already been our favorites for quite some time now (who have just opened their first branch in the area), while others we have just discovered and loved from the Food District:


4 cheese Pizza

Nolita is a pizza store that first opened in High Street. I've heard a lot about their huge and delicious pizzas, but I haven't really gotten the chance to try them, especially since they already closed down their restaurant. Fortunately for them, Food District came along and gave them a new place to sell their pizzas, and their 4 cheese flavor was really good! Pizza and cheese lovers should definitely give this a try, especially if you're into gorgonzola 😉 


Beef Rendang 

Nasi Goreng


Bakmi Nyonya is a name I haven't heard of before, but apparently they already have an existing stall in another food hall. My TK friends have heard a great deal about their food, which is why we opted to order a bunch of their dishes. 

Well, I simply loved all of them! The beef rendang didn't look as good as it tasted, but it was so tender and had a hint of coconut milk well combined with a touch of spice. I'm a fan of yang chow fried rice, but with Bakmi Nyonya, I discovered that nasi goreng tastes great, too! Lastly, the sate had the perfect balance of sweet and salty, unlike the ones I've tried before that were super sweet and nutty.


Beef Pepper Rice

I know Pepper Lunch is a typical chain we see in every mall, but I was really thrilled when I saw one here. So thrilled that I ordered myself some beef pepper rice. Everything you need to enjoy your peppered rice is here, including your favorite sauces. The only difference is, you have to get the sauces in the counter, as they don't have them on the tables. 


Zark's Ultimate

Burger enthusiasts will be very happy to know that one of the cheapest and most famous burger joint, Zark's Burgers, is now in BGC. We were hoping to try their grilled cheeseburger, which is like the marriage of burger and  grilled cheese. But since it was sold out, we opted to try Zark's Ultimate instead, which, I have to admit, wasn't the best burger I've had with Zark's.


Inihaw X is a new name I only got to encounter here in Food District on 5th. At first glance, it looked like just another one of the stalls you find in most food courts selling Filipino food. I didn't think much of it until we tried their lechon sisig and fell in love with it. This is the kind of sinful food I wish we had near our office.


Hawker Chan, the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in Singapore, has finally landed in BGC! I got the chance to try this just before they opened their doors to the public, and I have been an avid fan ever since. I always order their 3 meat platter (with additional noodles), with roasted pork, char siew, and soy chicken!



For snacks, we tried Mr. Tentacles' takoyaki, and I liked it since it had real octopus inside each takoyaki as compared to others that are pure batter.


Strawberry Lemonade
For drinks, I opted to have the strawberry lemonade from Seoul Lemon. It was a little too sweet for me, and had a strong, sour taste from the lemon. I think I should've tried their blueberry lemonade instead, which is their other best-seller.

Team Kaladkarin

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Operating Hours:11am to 10pm (Sun-Thu) 11am to 11pm (Fri-Sat)
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(Date of Visit: September 5, 2019)

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