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by - Sunday, June 12, 2016


From bookmarked to favorite - this restaurant was not only able to satisfy my cravings for samgyeopsal, but also exceeded my expectations!

The restaurant is beside a Korean grocery store, which I think is good if you're waiting for seats to be available, or if you're craving for Korean ice cream after your meal (We didn't check it, though).

We arrived on a Sunday lunch around 1pm. We were expecting that the place is full and that we're gonna have to wait. But luckily, as we entered, we were immediately assisted to our seats.

The restaurant doesn't look like much upon entrance. The first thing you'll see is their meat display (not too decent looking also). But as we moved closer to the seats, the place looked a lot better - the tables are low, and you have the floor as your chair. (Although they have a room that had the usual tables and chairs)

We then ordered the unli pork + short plate (P380), including the sides, plus 2 cups of rice (P50 each). As we sat down, the side dishes started coming. One thing I liked about the place, they aren't stingy! The set includes lots and lots of sides (check the photo)! The serving for the meat was a lot! Just looking at it makes you feel hungrier, as if you're not going to stop eating at all. The meats were delicious, but I liked the beef better than the pork, since the pork pieces were sliced thicker than usual (and they were hard to bite or break into half so you have to eat them as a whole piece).


Service was excellent. Ask for anything and they'll be able to give it in a minute. The setting of our lunch was good. The place wasn't too hot (I didn't have to tie my long hair during the meal).

Overall, this place did a good job filling our tummies without emptying our pockets.

My score:
Pricing – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Ambiance – 5/5  
Taste – 3/5

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