Unlimited Korean BBQ: Matgalne

by - Saturday, August 13, 2016


We went here on a rainy Saturday lunch. We almost got lost because we only took uber since I read that the place doesn't have parking. (True enough, no parking. Perhaps you can park on the street beside it since a lot were parked there when we visited, but scary!) The place didn't have a signage that said "Matgalne" (or I just didn't see it). You'll just see a red sign that says "Korean restaurant".

When we arrived, the place wasn't packed. Maybe because it was raining non-stop. There were only around 2 tables occupied when we entered.
They have a corner style buffet, where plenty of the dishes are displayed. It's like the usual buffet where you get the plates underneath the display area and just pick out which dish you want.

Some of the dishes include rice, bibimbap ingredients (so you can make your own), soup, lots of kimchi, some sauces, onion rings, lettuce and other veggies, kimbap (is that what you call the Korean style rice roll?), and other side dishes I don't know so just check the photos ✌🏼️ Sorry 😁





Honestly, I went here for the unlimited samgyupsal. Unli pork is priced at P399 while unli pork and beef is at P499 per person. Honestly, for a difference of P100, I'm glad we chose the second one. (Plus I only go to these restaurants for the beef). I didn't enjoy the pork. It was a bit thick. The beef was okay. It wasn't as flavorful as the beef from other Korean restaurants I've tried but it's good enough. It didn't matter that much, I enjoyed it! My sister loved making her own rice, mixing kimchi, red been paste stuff and it was good, so make sure you try the unlimited side dishes too!


Place was well lit and maintained. It didn't seem much from the outside, but it looks way better inside. Staff were nice as well. There's no service charge so make sure you give them a little something.

I think we're coming back to this restaurant real soon, since my sister really really loved this place and we're running out of cheap, Korean buffet restaurants to visit. Truly, this restaurant is a gem that people must give a shot.

My score:

Pricing – 4/5

Service – 3.5/5

Ambiance – 3.5/5  

Taste – 3.5/5

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