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by - Saturday, December 24, 2016

Made Nice Supper Club
PPI Building, Esteban St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

My friend J was planning to try Made Nice Supper Club and invited us for a Christmas dinner. Soon enough, more and more people confirmed about attending the said event that turned the dinner into a party that shook MN. There are two seatings: for 6:30pm and for 8:30pm. J reserved the 6:30pm slot for around 20 pax.
I arrived the restaurant at 6:30pm and I was the earliest bird! I got to talk to Chef Raul and he mentioned that serving a batch this big is really tough challenge for them (one reason is because of the small plating station in the kitchen). 
J pre-ordered two sets of ALL of the items on their menu (this is heaven for foodies! We got to try EVERYTHING!!!)
Carrots P225

。Roasted carrots。sour cream。quinoa。toasted seeds。 
I found it a bit funny when I saw this dish come out of the kitchen. Serving was only half a plate, and only a few pieces are there. So for its price, I expected a lot, but these were not met. It was good, although there was nothing really special that made us battle over it. Unlike the other dishes, this was the dish that lay on the table for so long but people ignored.

Agnolotti P340/630

。Sweet Corn。Parmesan。Truffle Oil。 
We loved this! Agnolotti is a pillow-like stuffed pasta. MN stuffed it with some sweet corn and parmesan, and these were also the same ingredients sprinkled over the dish. The dish had the strong smell of truffle oil, meaning it was used heavily on the dish, yet it didn’t taste like the oil was overused (didn’t taste like gas). 

Octopus P485

。Grilled Tonnato。potatoes。greens。 
My favorite! The octopus was so fresh and the meat didn’t even taste like seafood. It wasn’t hard to chew. Delicious!

Foie Gras (Hot) P505

This was also good. So far, every time I’ve tried foie gras, I found it bitter. This time, it’s different. Their foie gras was flavorful and didn’t taste bitter. It’s so funny that there were a lot of us that had to share this tiny foie gras that we were already making jokes about eating more than our share. 

Squash P215

I found this okay. It’s a squash soup that wasn’t creamy and thick. Its difference from other pumpkin soups is that it’s kinda deconstructed. There were ingredients on a bowl and the soup itself was in another container, and they pour the latter to the bowl in front of you. 

Tagliolini P395

。Duck Yolk。pepper。pecorino。parmesan。 
I liked this one, although I didn’t find it very special. What I remember from this is just a creamy pasta, but still it was delicious.

Halibut P560

。A la plancha。camote tops。mushrooms。dash。herbed rice。 
This is MN’s pride, although I have mixed feelings about the dish. The fish tasted so fresh and light, although I didn’t taste much flavor in it. The thing that I loved about this dish is the crunchy layer placed on top of the halibut. It was so tasty.

Pork P450

。Roasted belly。tenderloin。eggplant puree。tinutong rice。 
I also liked this dish, although it’s a typical one. The pork was so tender and seasoned perfectly. 

Beef P1,350

。500g USDA Short Rib。leeks。red wine。potato puree。 
I loved this. The beef was cooked I think medium or medium well, and it was just sooo juicy. I usually like my beef almost well done since I don’t like having to eat something with gummy texture that’s hard to swallow, but this is an exception. This is something I’ll definitely order despite that price tag.

Lamb P655

。Roasted Shoulder。Arroz Negro。Aioli onions。 
Another good dish. The lamb was deliciously tender and flavorful, but what I loved most about this is the arroz negro. The arroz negro is like a squid ink paella. The taste of the squid was highlighted in the rice and it didn’t smell “fishy”. The arroz negro also stains your lips black. 

Milk Chocolate P250

。Dense Chocolate cake。dulce de leche。malt ice cream。 
The chocolate cake was shaped like a brownie but looked and tasted like a crinkle. The malt ice cream was okay, it wasn’t dark and I also didn’t find it sweet, so this got me thinking as to what taste the chef was hoping for us to get. I also didn’t get taste of the dulce de leche in this dessert, so in totality I found this dessert a bit confusing.

Banana P225

。Vanilla Pudding。biscuits。cream。 
My favorite! It was like a really thick ice cream that tasted like banoffee pie. It’s perfect for those who want something light and unsweet to end the night.

The ambiance of the place will give you an easy hint that this is a place for a quiet, sophisticated wine night, with its small lightings and simplistic furnitures.
Service was great. They have more than enough number of servers for the not-so-small place, so getting assistance on anything wasn’t a problem. 
MN has done a great job and nailed all aspects a foodie will look at. I just found the dishes pricey and the servings small. But nonetheless it was worth the try!
It was a fun night with the fellow reviewers.
My score:
Pricing – 2/5
Service – 5/5
 Ambiance – 4/5  
Taste – 4/5
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