Wine-d Down with Trufa Pasta Bar

by - Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wine has proven to be very beneficial to everyone, from the several health benefits it is attributed to, to its essence in the culinary world. It is a beverage best paired with different kinds of food, including pasta.

Trufa is a make-your-own pasta bar, whose story is intertwined with the owner's forst hand experience of the wine and pasta combination in barcelona. It's a restaurant that lets you create your own al dente pasta dish using all fresh ingredients, all for a reasonable and affordable price. 

Huevos Estrellados P195
"crushed eggs", a classic spanish snack with a local twist. Breakfast fries with deliciously sweet and salty tapa topped with egg. Fave!

Las Fritas P205 
Selection of crisps with truffle sauce. This is a bowl of potato and sweet potato chips infused with truffle oil and served with a dip. I was addicted to this appetizer, particularly the sweet potato, because of its nice crisp plus the fact that it's our classic, go-to snack, only healthier.

Croquestas de Queso P195 
Croquettes with bechamel and cheese filling. What I liked about this? Why the cheese, of course. It may not be the gooey, sharp cheese, but this means that the taste is just right and not at all salty.

Montadito de Mediterraneo P185 
Vegetarian diet on a crispy, baguette slice

Ensalada Asiatica P205 
Red cabbage, romaine lettuce, mango, queso de bola, crispy fish, vinaigrette dressing. Farm to table fresh salad that I wouldn't mind eating various times if I ever go on a diet. 

Bolonesa de Casa P280
Classic Boloñesa sauce slow cooked for over 5 hours.

Gambas (Penne + Olivas) P330
 Olive oil, fresh prawns, spanish smoked paprika, garlic. This tomato based pasta is perfect for those looking for a little kick in their meal. The paprika was able to give it a level of spiciness that tickles the tip of the tongue. Even someone who doesn't love spicy food (like me) will be able to appreciate that part.  

Tapastalog (Farfalle) P290
Tapa + Pasta + Egg. We all loved this pasta because of the mild sweetness that is a bit new to a pasta dish, but not at all weird. 

Top: Bolonesa de Casa, Carbonara Filipina
Bottom: Pesto P360, Ajillo (Chorizo Ravioli)
Fresh basil, toasted nuts, parmesan, garlic. Pesto pasta that's not swimming in olive oil, nor did it have too much basil. It's a classic pesto dish that's not hard to love.

Top: Tapastalog, Ajillo (Chorizo Ravioli) P275
Bottom: Bolonesa de Casa, Gambas
Olive Oil, parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes. This pasta gets all of its key flavors from the fried garlic bits and red pepper flakes. It was like the classic aglio olio, only more fragrant and tasty. 

Top: Bolonesa de Casa, Carbonara Filipina P260
Bottom: Pesto P360, Ajillo (Chorizo Ravioli) 
Crispy dilis, smoked fish, parmesan. I'm a fan of this dish mainly because I loved having to chew every piece of that crispy, delightfully addicting tiny fish. 

As already mentioned, all their pastas are al dente, guaranteeing the filling but guilt-free feeling in every bowl. We've shared a few of their pastas, but in the end I didn't feel bad for everything we ate, and I surely felt like I wasn't eating carbs. they also have items available in Vegan option.

Trufa Cookie P120
Cookie biscuits filled with surprises. We were indeed surprised with what's in between those cookie biscuits: chocolate, peanut butter, and a hint of truffle oil. 

La Playa P160
Mango, coconut, quinoa.   

El Sol P160
Lemon, Mint, Lychee. I'm glad I chose this drink. It tasted like an infused water, light and not too sweet. It's perfect for those who want something other than water but doesn't want to go overboard. It's in that spot between water and any sugary drink. 

Mango Zumo Con Tubo P130

This simple, quiet bar is the perfect place to wind down and enjoy a sip of wine with a forkful of pasta made with love, forget about all the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Date of Visit: April 19, 2017 
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