Here's A Reason to Jump Out of Your Beds: Chelsea Grand Cafe's All-Day Breakfast

by - Thursday, August 31, 2017

Waking up in the morning to go to school or work is the very first challenge most (if not all) people face every single day. But what if I tell you a secret? I discovered a restaurant that serves hella delicious all-day breakfast, with a classy and calming ambiance that's sure to excite you to jump out of bed every morning!

Chelsea Grand Cafe's new all-day breakfast menu is simply captivating. Each of the dishes on their menu is captivating, and absolutely crave-worthy.

Three Stacks Vanilla Pancake P250
This was one of the most surprising dishes I've tried from the all-day breakfast menu. I didn't expect to be impressed by pancakes, because, you know, they're merely pancakes. But this was different. The pancakes were fluffy, moist, and tasted more exciting, perfectly matching with the fruits. 

Fried Chicken & Jalapeño Cheese Waffle P320
Fried chicken, chili honey, sausage gravy. I love the added twist that this restaurant has done with the usual chicken and waffle breakfast combination. The chicken was flawless. The inside wasn't dry, while the outside had that nice, golden crisp. It's lightly seasoned with salt, which, when consumed with the chili honey, makes a well balanced flavors. The Jalapeno waffle was intriguing. They were able to really incorporate the taste of the Jalapeno in the waffle. 

Beet Hummus & Avocado Toast P195
This was everyone's favorite. The vibrant pink and green colors alone are enough to make us drool. What's amazing about its delicious taste is the absence of the earthy taste that is inherent in the root crop beets. The chia seeds, almonds, avocado and beet hummus on toast is a tower of glory. 

Almond Milk Fruit & Granola P250
Seasonal fruits, cranberries, granola, almonds, and chia seeds served in a bowl, with a glass of almond milk and honey on the side. This is a great alternative to your boring oats in the morning.

Truffle Mushroom & Spinach Scrambled Egg on Bread Bowl P250
Chorizo Peppers and Shrimp Scampi Scrambled Egg on Bread Bowl P275
There are those who can't survive a day without a serving of their precious egg dishes. The scrambled egg on bread bowls, aside from being cute, will give you the protein you need in the tastiest way, to help you overcome the misery of eventually having to leave Chelsea's doors and off to work lol. 

Baked Smoked Bangus P350
2 eggs, garlic rice, dill butter, mango caper salsa, house made vegetable pickes and pinakurat vinegar. While I may say that like eating fish, I still consider it as a boring breakfast meal. Aside from being small, it also comes with lots of bones that just make me feel too lazy to eat. Thankfully, I was able to lift my fork up and take some of Chelsea's bangus, and I was extremely happy. The fish was cooked tinapa style. It tasted great even without the sauce and the toppings. 

U.S. Beef Steak Tapa P375
2 eggs, garlic rice, roasted garlic confit, housemade vegetable pickles, pinakurat vinegar
Tapa to top your morning and give you the boost that you need! The tapa was tender and scrumptious, and I loved it even better with their garlic rice that was partially glazed with the tapa's sauce. 

Avocado & Salmon Gravlax Eggs Benedict P475
I may not have a sole favorite dish from the all-day breakfast menu, but this definitely left a mark on my heart. The perfectly poached egg, the nicely done hollandaise sauce, the fresh and smooth salmon gravlax, plus the crunchy and slightly bitter arugula just make a great team. 

Chorizo Skillet Shakshuka P295
Homemade chorizo, 2 baked eggs, tomato pomodoro, stratchino, toast
This one's good, too! It's like eating a tomato based meatball pasta, with the toast replacing the noodles. It's a really simple, perfectly seasoned dish.

Corned Beef Hash and Poached Eggs P350
Who wouldn't want corned beef for breakfast? Obviously not me, especially when it's from Chelsea Grand Cafe. House-cured corned beef with well-seasoned diced potatoes, 2 poached eggs topped with hollandaise, and a side of curry ketchup, which I didn't even touch because I liked the taste of the dish as it is. Now I'm wondering how this would affect the dish. Hmmm. Looks like I'm gonna have to come back for this as well.

Overall, it doesn't matter which meal you order, as each and every one of them is worthy of your time and money. What you should be worrying is when you'll be returning to try the other dishes you didn't order the first time. I suggest that you do come back for them (as I also will).

My Scores:
Pricing - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 4.5/5
Taste - 4.5/5

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Chelsea Grand Cafe is located at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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Date of Visit: August 15, 2017

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