Daytripping at Camaya Coast

by - Friday, June 01, 2018

Summer is here! And what better way to spend this season than to head to the beach with our friends? 

Our group was supposed to visit Camaya Coast last year, but due to some problems we encountered, we had to spend our outing in 2017 some place else. This year, though, we vowed to turn this drawing into reality.




There are two ways to get to Camaya, one via land, and one via sea but for an additional fee. Note that slots for the ferry won't open until around 2 weeks before your trip, so you have to lock in the date first and be ready to book. There are two trips when you're going via sea, scheduled to leave Manila at 6:30 and 8am, and scheduled to return at 3:30pm and 7:30pm. Initially, we booked the 8am-7:30pm trip to maximize our stay in the resort. However, we received an email a few days before the trip informing us that we were moved to an earlier schedule due to the unavailability of one of their sea vessels. 


locker key
  • Access to infinity pool and beach
  • Access to beach inflatables (subject to availability of life jackets. The line for this started to get long after lunch) 
  • Use of kayak - register at sports recreation area (works like a reservation, you will schedule your use of the kayak. Do this as soon as you arrive to avoid the queue)
  • Use of park bench and tables at garden area
  • Free use of lockers (subject to availability) - proceed to sand bar for registration and key card
  • Free use of bicycles (which I did not see), beach volleyball (subject to availability)
  • Free wifi (we don't know if there really is free wifi since we did not ask about it and we did not use it)
  • Aqua park - slides (under construction)
When you look at it, it seems that there are a lot of things to do at this resort. Well, not really, since most of their attractions are subject to availability, which means that you'll have to wait in line to try their inflatables and kayak. But though I felt this way, my friends and I still had to rush just to be able to catch our 3pm ferry back to Manila (with check-in counter closing at 2:30pm). Our time spent on the resort was too short, and if you're planning to visit Camaya as well, then I suggest you do so only when you get the 7:30pm return trip.


privilege band

You can avail of Camaya's membership band at their hotel for P250. This band gets you 10% discount on all the establishments at the resort, including restaurants and even the spa. Once you purchase from the hotel, you can reload it at the sand bar. Since we didn't want to load more than the amount we will be using, what we did was we computed for the total discounted amount, and that's the amount we loaded every time. (For example, an hour of massage costs P700, and 10% less of that is P630. So we loaded the exact P630 amount to make sure no unused amount will be left haha)


There are a few partner restaurants available at Camaya where you can get your meals, snacks, and drinks. These restaurants are Pancake House, Wooden Pavilion (Max's Restaurant), Potato Corner, Figaro, Big Chill, Army Navy (under construction), Yellow Cab, snack bar, and others. Like any other resorts, food in Camaya were also more expensive than usual. But, when you book your trip you have an option to avail of their meals as an add-on for only P249. I highly suggest that you avail of this add-on, as this meal is Max's platter meal (Max's chicken, pancit, rice, and caramel bar). You can get the same meal at one of the establishments there, but at a higher price. I think the menu changes, but I also think that everything is from Max's restaurant.

Overall, the facilities at Camaya are not really disappointing. I liked that the whole resort was nice, clean, and relaxing, but I do think that they need to add more attractions and pools to cater to more guests. 


P300 ferry (one way) P899 Entrance fee
Add-on: lunch for 249 (Max's pancit, chicken, rice and caramel bar)
Add-on: Cabana for P2,500 (first come first served)
1 hour full body massage P700 (available at their hotel spa)



Sunset Watching by the Bay

Hungry for more,

Contact: (047) 791-4897
Budget: From P1,200 per person
Facebook: @camayabeachresortmariveles/
Instagram: @camayacoast

(Date of Visit: April 22, 2018)

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