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by - Monday, March 04, 2019

Seafood is probably one of the most expensive food you can crave for. Most seafood restaurants offer our favorite shrimps or crabs at a price that varies depending on weight, and it almost always ends up costing us way too much that just leads to our dissatisfaction or regret! 

Well, not for me. Every time I crave for seafood, I make sure I go big and I make the most of it. Never mind paying a fortune for it, as long as I get both quality and quantity. Thus, during desperate times, I go to the seaside dampa along Macapagal Blvd. 

Dampa is one of my guilty pleasures. It's one of the things I can willingly spend thousands on because not only do I get home with a happy tummy, but also because I always get my money's worth. My family has a favorite restaurant in dampa, but I got to try a new one one afternoon since our boss was treating us for lunch.

Huey Ying is one of the more notable names in dampa. I've heard a great deal of praises for this restaurant that I never really got to prove since they are always always ALWAYS FULL! Thankfully, they weren't that busy on the day we decided to visit. FINALLY!

Halaan Soup

We got the our clams at P100 per kilo. We had them cooked for our soup and requested that they put extra ginger for an added spice in every slurp that we all enjoyed. The serving was quite huge for 6 of us, but we still got to finish the entire bowl.

Bamboo Shells in Tausi Sauce

We got our bamboo shells at P180 per kg. We had it cooked in tausi sauce. It's actually my first time to try bamboo shells, but my boss has been talking non-stop about how she loves it, which made me even more excited to give it a go. And she's never wrong! It's really really good and flavorful.

Steamed Suahe

We got our suahe at P650 per kg. I'm used to having our shrimps cooked in buttered garlic sauce, but my colleagues requested it to just be steamed with garlic, and it changed the way I feel about the dish. I always thought that it's too boring, but no. It brings out the true flavor of the suahe that just goes so well with Huey Ying's light soy sauce. Yummy!

Salt and Pepper Squid 

We bought our squid at P450 per kg and had it cooked with salt and pepper. This is a typical order for me whether it be at a dampa or Chinese restaurant, but I don't know why I always find a delicious one every single time! It's as if no one can go wrong in cooking squid! It's soft and not at all rubbery or chewy, and it was seasoned just right. It's one of my favorites.

Salted Egg Crabs
We got our crabs from the wet market at P825 per kg. I know it may seem expensive, but take note, these are huge ones! We had it cooked in salted egg, which explains the runny sauce you see in the photo. The crab was a bit overcooked, which made it difficult for us to really get the meat out of its shell. It's also a bit more salty, and you can tell just how much margarine they used to cook it. It's okay, although I've had a better version. 

Baked Scallops 
Last but certainly not the least, the dish that was last served on our tables but also the first one we finished, an order of baked scallops with cheese! We got the scallops at P600 per kg, and we really scored since most of the scallops we bought had really huge meats! 

Baked Scallops
Just look at that beaut! 

At first we thought there's no way that the 6 of us (5 females and 1 male) can finish everything that we just ordered, but we were surprised to realize just how strong we are at eating seafood! We left no plate unfinished. We really enjoyed everything that we had. 

What's your favorite dampa restaurant? Did we get overcharged for the seafood? Let me know on the comments section below so I have a reference for our next visit! (It will help a lot :) )

My Scores:
Pricing - 3.5/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Taste - 4.5/5

Hungry for more,

Address: Seaside, Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City
Operating Hours: 10:30am to 11pm Daily
Parking: Pay Parking 
Facebook: Huey Ying Restaurant 
(Date of Visit: February 20, 2019)
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