Mr. Tea Has a New Branch in Makati!

by - Friday, September 13, 2019

Mr. Tea is a tea shop founded in the Philippines in 2017. It first opened in the city of Pasay, offering a combination of traditional and modern tea culture and techniques to cater to a diverse set of customers with varying preferences. 

I learned about Mr. Tea last year, but only got to try it early this year (see my review here). 2 weeks ago, I once again got to taste the other drinks and desserts they have as we attended the soft opening of their newest branch in Lerato Tower 3 in Makati.

Cherry Grapefruit Tea P160
If you've seen photos of Mr. Tea's drinks, then you'll notice how incredibly enticing their fruit teas are with all those colorful fruits submerged in the drink. I loved their passionfruit tea last time, so I tried their cherry grapefruit this time, which was recommended by their staff. I have mixed feelings about this drink since I loved its unique floral and fruity taste, which came with a bit of bitterness from the grapefruit. 

Mango Fresh Milk P150
I didn't get to try the mango fresh milk, which was a bummer since it looked so good! Oh well, I guess I'll have to order this the next time I visit.

Pu'er Tea w/ cheesefoam P150
The pu'er tea is for those who appreciate tea more pure and unsweetened. The drink basically has brewed tea as a base, and finished off with cheese mousse.

Strawberry Jasmine Tea with Cheesefoam P200
The strawberry jasmine tea with cheesefoam was one drink we all had our eyes on since it's one of the most expensive one on the menu. It's a refreshing take on a tea drink that's made with real fruits. Plus, those tiny fruit bits on every sip really made us happy. The cheesefoam was like a cheese mousse topping, so it's not really as cheesy as I imagined, but still good.

Cake Bubble Milk Tea P150

If you're a certified sweet tooth like me, then you'll be happy with their cake bubble milk tea. It's their milk tea with pearls and heavy "cheesecake" in the mix. If you feel like you want something sweet but can't handle anything over-the-top, I suggest that you tone down the sugar level for this (perhaps to 30% or 50%) since their pearls are already sweet in itself. 

Red Bean Pudding
We got to try both their mango and red bean pudding, and I understand that you think they're probably the same, but I'll tell you, they're not. The pudding itself for the mango pudding is mango flavored, then it is topped with mango bits. The red bean pudding, on the other hand, is plain pudding topped with red beans and nata. It's a bit similar to the steamed milk pudding  I got to try in Hong Kong, except that this one was less milky, especially with its texture and consistency. 

Red Bean Snowball P60 ; Mango Snowball P70

The snow balls are like the Japanese dessert mochi, which had a sticky outer layer made of glutinous rice, and filled with mango bits (mango snowball) and red beans (red bean snowball). Mr. Tea's snowballs have a really thin outer layer, which was why it easily collapsed when bitten. The plus side of this was that it had more filling than normal. 

Mango Multilayer Cake P160

The mango multilayer cake looks like a crepe cake, with layer of thinly sliced mango, cake, and cream frosting. But the cake that we got seemed more like it's literally just mangoes put on top of each other to form a cake. That's how much mangoes there were on this cake! And the mangoes were sweet, so the cake was delicious!

Durian Multilayer Cake P180
I had a bad experience when I first tried a durian dessert before, so I didn't really have enough courage to try the durian multilayer cake, especially since it had a really really strong and pungent smell! Are you a fan of durian? Or are you and your friends up for a challenge? You know where to find a durian cake. It's here in Mr. Tea. 

After two visits and a handful of drinks and desserts tried, I'm still not done with Mr. Tea. I still have a lot I want to try from their extensive menu, and I'm sure I'll be back for them soon enough. I'm eyeing on trying more from their fresh milk and fruit tea series next!

My Scores:
Pricing - 3/5
Service - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Taste - 4/5

Hungry for more,

Address: G/F Lerato Tower 3, Malugay st., Bel-Air, Makati City
Operating Hours: 9am to 10pm Daily
Contact: (63) 927 566 5678
Budget: from P150 per person
Parking: Basement Parking 
Facebook: @MRTEA.PH 

(Date of Visit: August 31, 2019)

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