Filipino Food Craving: Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

by - Friday, February 10, 2017

My sister and I were supposed to go to Makati last Saturday for lunch. But since I wasn't finished with my chores along Macapagal, I invited my sister to have our lunch in MOA instead.
At first we were struggling on where we're going to eat. A lot of restaurants have been brought up, until my sister decided she wanted to eat somewhere with bagoong rice, and this is when we saw Sarsa.
I've been meaning to try Sarsa since it is owned by a well known chef. Plus, I've been hearing a lot about it whenever I'm craving for Filipino dishes.

Inasal Sisig P350

No wonder this isn't one of their bestsellers, but we ordered this last since we wanted to have sisig and we already ordered a pork and a beef main. This wasn't able to make an impact in our lunch. It was healthier than the usual sisig, but it also lacked the flavors.
Sizzling Kansi P395
•batwan gravy•beef• 

We ordered the sizzling kansi because it was on top of the recommended dishes the server mentioned to us. This was my favorite not only because the beef was tender, but because of the flavor it packed. The calamansi infused in the beef was delicious. It's simple but it really worked for me.

Twice-cooked Pork Belly P325
•ginamos gata•chili garlic sauce• 

I also liked this, but my sister thought otherwise. The coconut cream was the first thing I was able to taste in the dish, and I love almost anything with coconut cream. After trying to mix the sauce more with the meat, I was able to discover the use of the ginamos (or like bagoong), and this is when I began to appreciate the dish more. I wasn't able to feel anything chili in the dish.

Ginamos Fried Rice P60/cup

Their ginamos fried rice (bagoong rice according to the server) didn't have the strong taste of the shrimp paste, but it was still fine for me.

All it took to finish 3 dishes are 3 cups of rice and 2 ladies lol! We were so full, but not too satisfied, probably because we expected too much from the place.
Service was good. Servers knew the menu well enough to answer our questions. Our food came on time, which was around 15 minutes from the time the server took our orders.
I'm not quite convinced with what I was able to try from Sarsa on this visit. I have a feeling I haven't tried that one dish that'll impress me. I'll be back.

My score:
Pricing – 3/5
Service – 4/5
 Ambiance – 3.5/5  
Taste – 3.5/5

Date of Visit: February 4, 2017

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