Say Hello to Nature: Mary Knoll Ecological Sanctuary

by - Friday, February 03, 2017

Mary Knoll Ecological Sanctuary
North Santo Tomas Road, Campo Sioco, Baguio

I researched about a lot of places to visit in Baguio a month before our trip since we'll be there for 3 days. It was such a difficult search because there aren't a lot of new attractions, and my companions have been to the existing ones.
During my research, I've been seeing a lot of common places such as Camp John Hay and Mines View Park, but then I encountered Maryknoll, which isn't found in many of the articles I've seen. I immediately put it on my list after I've seen some photos.
The place is easy to locate if you're driving since waze and the data connection are very much reliable in Baguio. Also, parking spaces here makes bringing a car more convenient.
Upon arriving at the area, you won't realize that it is an ecological sanctuary since the gates lead to some sort of retreat house. But just proceed and ask for the tour and they'll know what to do. By the way, there's a clean restroom here.
We each paid P50 as entrance fee/ donation to help maintain the place. And if you'll ask me, after having the tour, that P50 does not go to waste.
After paying the entrance fee, the guard will accompany you to the gate for the tour. He will also hand out a "map" to guide you from one station to another (which one goes first) so that you'll get to all of it. Everything is well organized!

There's nothing much to do here except to take pictures, relax, and appreciate mother nature's beauty. There are also a few quotes around the area, and some facts about each of the displays (i.e. The mammals arrived 220 million years ago)
The best part about the tour is that the place was peaceful and not crowded, so we were able to take our time in each station and not worry about being trampled on. This is also good for your photos, of course. And the place is well maintained.

Mollie's Kitchen is (I think) a restaurant at the exit of the tour. It's closed when we visited so I don't really know if it's operating.
Just a friendly advise, since it's an outdoor activity, it involves some walking, so better be in comfortable clothing.
P.S. we visited Tam-Awan Village after this and we were disappointed with Tam-Awan. So if you want, you can visit Tam-Awan first before heading to Maryknoll128518

Date of Visit: December 28, 2016

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