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by - Friday, March 31, 2017


I found the prices of Plank's pizzas to be pretty steep. I thought it was beneath me, it was out of my reach, until they had a 40% off promo last March 6-10! Hooray to our group for finally invading Plank!

This place shares a space with Baker & Cook, so if you're coming from inside S Maison, you'll have to pass by the bakery before finding yourself inside Plank.

We checked their menu out and noticed that:
1. They did not have Pizza # 5
2. Pizza # 7 came before pizza # 6
Well, apparently the number 5 is a bad number in Singapore (according to their server). And for the second one, since the number 6 is known to be a number bringing bad luck globally, they just thought it should go last. You can ask them again on your visit, just to be sure hehe 128517

We ordered their pizza # 3 and # 7, plus 3pcs of their roasted chicken and 4 bones of their ribs.

Pizza # 3 P580
(Creamy tomato sauce, shiitake mushroom, shrimps, salmon, capers, arugula, extra virgin olive oil)

I wanted to order this pizza the moment I saw that it has salmon and arugula. However, this pizza didn't meet my high expectations, although it was good. The salmon was nicely sliced. It was a bit raw (I think) and had that slight citrus zest. And oh, those cubed cheeses on top were just a delight.

Pizza # 7 P595

(Creamy white sauce, sauteed onions, shiitake, oyster mushroom with mirin, flaked parmesan, truffle oil, chili flakes)

This pizza was also good, although to put it simply, it's like a mushroom and cheese pizza with a hint of truffle oil.

One issue I really found about their pizzas was how few the toppings were. Yes, these were premium ingredients, but it would have been better if I got to really taste all of the ingredients in the pizza instead of me searching for each of them (which was what happened the entire time). On the plus side, I was able to appreciate the sourdough used because it's obvious how it's chewier and more moist compared to the crusts of typical pizzas.

FullSizeRender 36.jpg
3 pcs Plank Roast Chicken P495
I loved the herby taste of this chicken and how it wasn't dry, which to me is the very definition of the right chicken for me.
FullSizeRender 35
4 bones Plank Ribs P595

We initially asked the server for the size of their ribs and we were assured that they were large, so we just ordered the fewest they have for us to share. We were all laughing when we were then served with the ribs because of how thin they were. Lucky for us, the server got one thing right about their ribs, and it's that the ribs are falling-off-the-bones. These were so tender!

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The ambiance of the restaurant is simple. But if you found seats near the restroom, then you'll probably smell some air fresheners in the air, which automatically sprays outside their restrooms every now and then. It's a good idea, although it's also a weird thing to smell whilst eating.


I'm torn between giving a 3 or a 4 for this review. Their food was good, although that issue about their pizzas' toppings was really upsetting. Thus, my score.

My score:Pricing – 2.5/5Service – 4/5Ambiance – 4/5Taste – 3.5/5

Date of Visit: March 10, 2017

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