Tough Love: Bad Bird

by - Friday, March 31, 2017


The meanest tasting bird has just gotten meaner as Bad Bird flaps its own wings and opens their first stand alone restaurant in Megamall.

My friend J received coupons from loolooapp for Bad Bird, and so we got to claim an order of their corn and coleslaw plate (2 pcs of chicken with 2 corns on sticks) to share. We also got to choose the level of spiciness of our chicken, from safe, spicy or chemical.


I got the safe level of their chicken and I loved it. Everything from the smell of all the herbs and spices down to the very taste was mouth watering. I also got to try their chemical and I can attest that it does taste even better, but it's also too hot to last. I did, however, find the chicken a bit salty during some parts of the meal.

Their version of the corn will remain one of my most favorite renditions of a Japanese corn, because of how all the elements just come to life in every bite. The combination of the bonito flakes, kewpie, cheese, with a hint of spice from the togarashi on the corn is truly a dish I will always crave for.



J also paid for our dessert, an order of their mango and dragonfruit ice cream (Thanks to J!) The scoop of the cold treat was rather small for P150. Its petite size plus its pink and yellow color makes it more appetizing to look at and more fun to eat. The flavors were good. I loved how the mango was ripe enough that it didn't have any trace of sourness. The taste of dragonfruit was also heavenly and well complemented the mango. The texture of the ice cream was also more of a sorbet.

Service, as expected from The Tasteless Group, was excellent.

Overall, I am happy with my visit. I still find Bad Bird worth the occasional visit.

My score:Pricing – 4/5Service – 4/5Ambiance – 3.5/5Taste – 4.5/5

Date of Visit: March 10, 2017

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