Team Dinner at Tokyo Ice Cafe

by - Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tokyo Ice Cafe is the newest addition to the #MOAeats family. It is located in MOA's newly constructed Galeon wing, the mall's foodie center, if you'll ask me. The cafe's location is the perfect escape from the mall's crowd, ideal for those who want some peace and quiet time.

The cafe offers a variety of items from appetizers to desserts and drinks:

Best when eaten while hot, because this Carbonara from Tokyo Ice Cafe is both creamy and cheesy, topped with thick and juicy bacon strips.

Looking for something clammy? Well, the asari soup spaghetti has got you covered. This dish has the strongest flavor of shellfish I've ever tasted my whole life, a perfect fix for your seafood craving.


Napolitan Set
The Napolitan set includes a spaghetti pasta, chicken fingers. salad, macaroni salad, sunny side up egg and a small cup of Japanese cake for dessert. I loved everything on the plate, especially the sweet spaghetti as it tasted like the pasta we've known from the kiddie parties we used to attend during our childhood years.

Mentaiko Cream Set
The Mentaiko cream set includes a mentaiko pasta, chicken coated with sweet sauce, salad, sunny side up egg, plus a small serving of their Japanese cake. The mentaiko pasta was also well loved from our dinner, because as opposed to the familiar tasting spaghetti from the other set, this one had a more Japanese taste with the use of crab. 


Chicken Karaage Sandwich
Katsu Sandwich
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich
I liked all the sandwiches, and the side of fries that come with it (seriously, it's just fries but I found it a little bit more addicting!), but the sandwich that caught my attention more was the chicken teriyaki sandwich, probably because it had just the right sweet and salty taste that was perfectly masked in each piece of chicken.


Matcha Kakigoori

Mango Kakigoori to-go
Mango Kakigoori

Strawberry Kakigoori
It was hard for all of us from the group to decide on our favorite kakigoori, but it boiled down to me liking the mango best because of its sweet and milky flavor. The Japanese matcha was also great especially with the sweet red bean. And the strawberry was seriously not bad considering that I am not a fan of anything strawberry flavored. It didn't taste like the usual sweet artificial strawberry syrup most use, and it's also not too sour. 

Ningyoyaki Bear
Ningyoyaki Bear
Bite-sized, bear-shaped, cute cakes ready to win your eyes, your tongues and your instagram walls. An order comes with a cup filled with around 10 pieces of bears, and tastes like a firmer version of your mamon. Oh, and they do have dips to go with our little guys! I'm just not sure if an order already comes with a dip, but I got to try the custard, and the matcha, and both tasted so delicious with the mini cakes. It's a treat for all ages.

Japanese Cheesecake
Soft, moist, and airy, Tokyo Ice Cafe's cheesecake is gold. The taste of the cream cheese was highlighted, but had a different sharpness and overall texture from the cheesecakes currently gaining much attention. 


We got to try their matcha, strawberry and mango. While I loved all of them, my favorite was the mango, followed by the matcha.

They also have coffee for those who want some caffeine in their drink.

I heard that the honey lemon kakigoori tasted so good, which is why it's the first item I'm going to try on my revisit! 

My Scores:
Pricing - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 5/5
Taste - 4/5

Hungry for more,
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Tokyo Ice Cafe is located at G/F North Wing, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Date of Visit: June 21, 2017
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