My 2018 Hall of Craves

by - Monday, December 31, 2018

I can't believe another year is about to end! And while I admit I haven't tried everything I was meaning to try for this year, I'm thankful for the ones that made it extremely memorable, so here's my Hall of Craves for 2018!

Hall of Craves is my version of a Top 10 list. It's a list of the dishes that I tried for the first time and instantly craved for right after I finish a plate or step out of the restaurant's doors. Most importantly, these are the dishes that I can't stop blabbering about (sorry, friends!). 

10. Cayenne Butter Wings from All American Trading Co.

First on my list is the cayenne butter wings from All American Trading Co. It's a small stall located inside AllHome along C5 extension that serves pizza, pastas, wings, etc. And since it's a place you don't expect to have decent food, their wings really took me by surprise. It's crispy yet saucy; it's spicy and has a bit of acidity, put it all together and you get an addicting dish that makes you enjoy getting your hands all messy. Check out my full review of AllAmerican Trading Co. here.

9. Tuna Salpicao from Blue Seas Seafood & Restaurant

Another dish that made my 2018 delicious is the tuna salpicao from Blue Seas. I distinctly remember entering this restaurant with a craving for buttered garlic shrimps, but little did I know that I'll be stepping out of their doors dreaming of another dish. The tuna salpicao was marinated with a bit of soy sauce and calamansi before cooking perfectly in olive oil and lots of garlic. It's a very simple dish done incredibly well.

8. U.S. Beef Gyudon from Motto Motto PH

It's sad that Chelsea Grand Cafe in Serendra had to close its doors. But as they say, when one door closes, another one opens, which led to the birth of Motto Motto. Even before we arrived the restaurant, I already made up my mind about ordering the U.S. Beef Gyudon, and you can probably see in the photo why. I guess what made me include this on my Hall of Craves is the fact that the restaurant uses a different cut of meat in their gyudon, which makes a meat-lover like me extremely satisfied. Just look at all that meat!

7. Tuna Latke and Seared Tuna with Sea Urchin Risotto from Nikkei

It's been a while since my last visit at Nikkei, and it was hard for me to choose just one dish to feature from this Japanese-Peruvian restaurant, so I chose two of my favorites: the tuna latke and the seared tuna with sea urchin risotto! I know I'm not wrong on this. Check out my full review of Nikkei here.

6. Beef Salpicao from Skewered

Skewered has got to be one of my favorite restaurants in 2018 mainly because of their gorgeous ambiance (you have to see it!), but they do serve a drool-worthy beef salpicao at a reasonable price! It's tender, and it's both garlicky and buttery! Check out my full review of Skewered here.

5. Picanha from Chateaubriand

Chateaubriand is a buffet restaurant that serves different kinds of meat, but it was their picanha that left me craving for steaks for the next couple of weeks. Check out my full review of Chateaubriand here.

4. Zen Chicken Nuggets and Grilled Cheese from Polilya

I don't normally go to bars, but ask me to go to Polilya with you and I'll say yes in a snap. There were a lot of really tasty dishes from this bar (hello, nachos!), but my favorites would have to be their zen chicken nuggets, which is like a fried version of the hainanese chicken, and the grilled cheese, which tasted so good with their buttery and flaky bread! Check out my full review of Polilya here.

P.S. you'll also fall in love with their interiors!

3. Pho from Ca Phe Saigon and Propaganda Bistro 

A dish I never thought I'd enjoy this 2018 is pho. I've tried it once two years ago and I never wanted it to touch my tastebuds again. But thanks to Propaganda Bistro and Ca Phe Saigon, I found myself constantly craving for pho this year. Check out my full review of Propaganda Bistro here and Ca Phe Saigon here

2. 3 Combination Platter from Hawker Chan

I was completely obsessed with the cheap and delicious food from Hawker Chan after trying it for the first time! I honestly can't remember how many times I've been to Hawker Chan, and they've only opened their first branch in Manila in late July! I always order their 3 combination platter - with soyed chicken, roasted pork, and char siew. It may seem a lot, well, because it is a lot to be consumed by just one person, but I don't care! Check out my full review of Hawker Chan here.

1. Lobster with Espelette pepper, and lobster bisque from The Tasting Room

Finally, taking the top spot of this year's Hall of Craves is a dish from NüWA's The Tasting Room. The delicious food and wine together with their impeccable service was just tough to beat. Check out my full experience here.

Well, there you have it! This year's Hall of Craves is finally complete. I can't wait to start another one with all of my foodventures next year! 

Do you know a dish that'll surely make its way to my list? Please do comment below! :)

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