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by - Wednesday, January 02, 2019

It was a few days before Christmas when we were invited to a hidden gem in Parañaque City that serves delicious and jaw-droppingly affordable seafood meals. 

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Blue Seas is a small seafood restaurant located at Aseana Square. It's a place unheard of and can easily be ignored by anyone who passes by, but it's definitely a place to be when one wants to indulge in some fresh seafood without having to go to the crowded dampa

Lato P150
The lato is a common appetizer in seafood restaurants. It's seaweed topped with tomatoes, salted egg, onions, and served with a few slices of calamansi. It's a go-to appetizer if you're looking for something light and healthy.

Kilawin na Malasugue P195
The kilawin na malasugue is another favorite Filipino appetizer, although the use of malasugue (blue marlin) instead of the typical tanigue was intriguing. It had the perfect blend of acidity, spice, and pungent flavor, not to mention the firmer texture from the malasugue that made me appreciate this kilawin even more. 

Crispy Tuna Belly P185
The crispy tuna belly is probably one of the most addicting snack we had during our visit at Blue Seas. It's tuna belly deep fried to a golden brown color. It's crispy and it's thin so it's easy to bite. I also preferred dipping it in vinegar. 

Tuna Salpicao P225
My absolute favorite from Blue Seas has got to be their tuna salpicao. It's chunks of tuna marinated in soy sauce and calamansi, cooked in olive oil and lots of garlic and chili. It's a simple dish, yes, but it's different from the other salpicaos I've tried, and you can tell that the tuna has been marinated under the perfect amount of time. 

Grilled Tuna Belly P195
One of the best sellers from Blue Seas is their grilled tuna belly. It's simple, but you will really appreciate the taste of the tuna. It's also grilled perfectly so the inside is tender and moist.

Lechon Kawali

Blue Seas does not only serve seafood dishes, they also have viands made of chicken, pork, or beef, like the
lechon kawali we had. It's for those who want a variety of meats on their tables. 

Salt & Pepper Pusit P255
I eat salt and pepper squids a lot. My family even has a favorite one from a Cantonese restaurant, which is why I didn't expect that I'd love this one so much. It's got a bit of a kick from all the chilis, but one that just lingers on the lips and boosts your appetite. The squid rings are also perfectly cooked. It wasn't chewy.

Salt & Pepper Curacha P900/kg + P280 cooking charge

We also had their salt & pepper curacha. It's actually my first time to encounter curacha, and I don't remember how they differ from an old-fashioned crab, especially in terms of taste, but I liked it.

Baked Oyster P200/kg + P280 paluto
I don't normally have oysters since I always find them slimy, but the oysters from Blue Seas were too fresh and amazing to resist. Just look at how huge and gorgeous those oysters are! Needless to say, their baked oysters with cheese are a must-try!

Buttered Shrimp P285
Of course, what's a trip to a seafood restaurant without an order of buttered shrimps

Adobong Pusit P245
We also had a different cook of pusit. Nothing says Filipino better than a plate of adobong pusit. Like the salt and pepper squid, the adobong pusit was also tender, but what really surprised us was that it had a bit of sweetness to it, which I liked since I find a typical adobong pusit really overpowering. 

Sinigang na Salmon Belly P195
For our soup, we were served with a bowl of sinigang na salmon belly for us to share. What's great about ordering one from Blue Seas is that they offer free refills!

Pinakbet P175

Adobong Kangkong P150
To make our lunch healthier, we had an order of their pinakbet and adobong kangkong. I liked the latter better because it had a lighter sauce and still had a bit of crunch.

Leche Flan P150
The leche flan was a happy ending to our happy eating at Blue Seas. It was sweeter than the normal ones out there, but its super moist and not at all airy. It was a leche flan made by someone who really knows how to make one.

Suman Pinipig with Buko P25 (add P25 for ice cream)
Suman Pinipig with Ube P30 (add P25 for ice cream)

If you're not into anything too sweet for desserts, you may want to try the restaurant's special suman pinipig, which comes either with ube or buko. You can also opt to pair them with ube ice cream for an additional P25 for each scoop.

Blue Seas Seafood & Restaurant really took us by surprise with their seriously delicious and affordable offerings. I will most certainly be back just to have more of their tuna salpicao, salt and pepper squid, and baked oysters with cheese!

P.S. They also offer paluto aside from the normal short orders if you're planning to have kilos of seafood cooked for you. Check out their menu and cooking charges here.

My Scores:
Pricing - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 3/5
Taste - 4/5

Hungry for more,

Address: Aseana Square Diosdado Macapagal Ave, Entertainment City, Parañaque City
Operating Hours: 10am to 11pm Daily
Contact: (02) 246-9069 ext. 215
Budget: from P300 per person. Check their rates here
Parking: Free Parking

(Date of Visit: December 21, 2018)

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