5 Coffee Shops to Try in Vietnam

by - Saturday, September 09, 2023


When you hear Vietnam, you think of banh mi, spring rolls, and pho. I mean, they’re great. But if you’re a coffee lover, then you should pack your bags and head to Vietnam ASAP to go cafe hopping!

Here’s an initial list of famous coffee shops you should head to when you land in Vietnam:

1. Trung Nguyen Legend (multiple branches)

Trung Nguyen Legend is the most popular coffee shop in Vietnam. It’s the coffee shop you’ll see in all corners of the street, (if not Highlands Coffee). They had the strongest coffee out of all I’ve tried while in Vietnam. They also have lots of coffee beans and instant coffee for you to purchase and bring home.

2. Cheese Coffee (multiple branches)

Cheese Coffee has the most IG-worthy ambiance among all coffee shops we visited. It’s also my favorite. I had their Salted Cream Caffe & Flan VND 84,000 and it was so good! It looked sweet, but it was actually not despite having cream and flan. Its sweetness balanced with the strong coffee taste in every sip.  The flan looked good, too, but I can’t say if it was since I did not get to eat it. 

3. Cong Ca Phe (multiple branches)

Cong Ca Phe is known for their coconut coffee, which is a must-try when in Vietnam. They have multiple branches in Vietnam, but the one in my photo was taken in Vincom Center. 

4. Phuc Long Coffee and Tea (multiple branches)

Phuc Long is another popular coffee shop in Vietnam, although most locals say that they are more popular for their tea than coffee. I tried their ca phe sua da (Vietnamese milk coffee) and I really liked it! The coffee was stronger than the milk. It wasn’t sweet, but it wasn’t too bitter. 

5. Okkio Caffe

We initially planned on trying Little Egg Hanoi’s egg coffee, but we did not have enough time to check it out. So on our last night in Vietnam, we visited Okkio Caffe instead since it was a walking distance from where we had our dinner. We had their Egg Coffee which had a really really foamy but thick whipped egg topping. But to be honest, I am not a fan of egg coffee. It was delicious and I loved the texture of the whipped egg, but it left an after-taste that I did not appreciate.

I have a lot of coffee shops I have yet to try in Vietnam, and I can’t wait to go back to try them all! Do you have any suggestions? Please comment below.

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