Munting Bahay: Miguel & Maria

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Miguel & Maria
89 Lilac St., Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

We finally invaded Lilac st. in Marikina! Our first destination: Miguel & Maria.

We arrived the place past 12and there were parking spaces available, so we were able to park easily. The restaurant was packed! A family was occupying the whole couch dedicated as the waiting area. We waited for the server to come to the front desk to have us listed on the waiting list. We were third on the list, by the way, although it wasn't too long a wait since customers are already preparing to leave.

While waiting, the server gave us copies of the menu. She mentioned that we can already order our lunch while waiting for our seats to be ready, so they can serve it as soon as we sat down.

Our table

We ordered their baked salmon, steak, chicken parmigiano, seafood paella and roasted herbed chicken. The first three were served with roasted vegetables and a choice of either mashed potatoes or rice on the side.

Baked Salmon P300

The baked salmon is one of the restaurant's recommended dishes. I had it well done, and it was good. It wasn't flaky or rubbery, contrary to what a server from another restaurant told me when I had a salmon returned to finish cooking. The cheeses on top didn't actually add much flavor to the dish, but it was fine. The mashed potato, however, wasn't to my liking. It still had small bits of potatoes, which wasn't a big deal for me, but the taste was. It wasn't creamy and as seasoned as how I wanted it to be.

Steak P350

The steak is another specialty of Miguel & Maria's. The steak used was New Zealand beef. I'm not sure on what this kind of beef is, but I didn't enjoy it that much. When you cut your steak, you kinda expect to see the "lines" of the beef. This wasn't the case. It was like big cuts of not-so-"jelly" fat. These are my thoughts, while my sister had the opposite. She liked the steak. But I guess I shouldn't have expected a lot considering the price.

Chicken Parmigiano P250

This was like a chicken breast pizza. It was okay.

Seafood Paella P350

Huge, huge serving of paella good for 3 people. Although I can say that this is not a legit paella, I was able to enjoy it as it was bursting with flavors. It also had a few pieces of squid rings and shrimp. Did I mention that this is another signature dish?

Roasted Herbed Chicken P250

This was served with rice. I think the option to have mashed potatoes is not applicable to this dish. My first impression of it was it was like an inasal, but it was different. It lacked the herby, full of spices taste my boyfriend was looking for.

One thing about the dishes: almost all the dishes were served COLD. Not hot, not warm (except the paella). I know it's not because I took photos first, since this is the first time I encountered this issue with my food. Perhaps the food was ready minutes before it was brought to us. I think it would've been better if the food were served hot.

Serving was huge! I had a hard time finishing even just a single dish. Pricing is cheap given the serving.

Service was great as well. Even though I think they were short-manned, the servers were able to pull it off and you won't even notice any signs of stress or fatigue from them. 

There are more seats inside, although I wasn't able to take photos of it since it was dark and a bit crowded.


My score:
Pricing – 5/5
Service – 4/5
 Ambiance – 3/5  

     Taste – 3/5
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