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by - Friday, September 16, 2016

Real Surf PH
Brgy. Malapad, Real, Quezon

We had this "biglaan" outing with my high school classmates. We decided to go on a weekend getaway (since it was a long weekend) a week before! At first I was skeptical if this will push through, since it was already the middle of the week and still we have no venue in mind and no bookings made. Fortunately, one of us started to join the conversation and suggest about this place, since he's been here. 

So K called the Resort to book for a cabana for 9 people (large cabana) for P2,700. It's a good thing that we were entertained by the management even if this was such a short notice! All we needed to do is to settle the payment for the cabana and we're officially going on the trip. We had until the next day to complete the payment. 

Sunday morning came. We left Makati at 3:30am and chose the SLEX route. We just used waze to get the directions. Just type in "Real Coast" and you won't be lost. So going back, by 4am we were at Petron for our breakfast. Come 5am, we were all ready to hit the road once more. 

We arrived the Resort at around 8:20am. We had to wait by the common area, since check-in time is 9:30am. They had to wait for the previous guests to check-out so they can prepare the room for us. We used our extra time to walk around, buy more breakfast, pay for our entrance fee (P250/person) and of course, take photos.

Small Cabanas

Each cabana is inclusive of 1 Picnic table, 1 Cushion (good for 2 people), 1 Small coffee table (inside), 1 Hammock and 1 Beach Chair. If you need more cushions, you can ask from their staff for P100/cushion. (We used 5 cushions for the 9 of us)

The Amenities
  • Common restroom (6 showers, 2 cubicles)
  • Common Area (bean bag chairs and small tables). Sunday night, they held a movie screening in this area.
  • Food Shack (food and drinks available)
  • Grill Station

Food Shack

Food Shack Menu

Things to do
  • Nonok Falls (5 minute walk from Resort)
  • Balagbag Falls (5 minute drive from Resort)
  • Surfing
  • Rafting (it's either at Nonok or Balagbag falls)
  • Swimming (beach had gray, fine sand)
  • Bonfire for P300 (one for the whole Resort. So if someone already asked to have the bonfire, talk to that group to share with them)
  • Star Gazing!!!!! 
  • Watch the sunrise 

Food Choices
English Breakfast P260

English Breakfast P260 - the winner among all the dishes that we tried. It comes with 2 sunny side up eggs, 2 toasts, 1 sausage, bacon strips and rosemaried potatoes. If you want to have a decent, heavy meal, go for the English Breakfast.

Waffles P200

Their waffles were also yummy! This is my top 2. 

Chix + Waffles P230; Shrimp Po'Boy P255; Seafood Bowl P250

Chix + Waffles - Chicken was weird. It has something to do with their batter. There's a weird after-taste. My friend said that it was baking soda.

Shrimp Po'Boy - I didn't get to taste it that much. But the fries were okay. According to my friends, this could've been better if it wasn't a sandwich.

Seafood Bowl - I had one bite and I didn't want to try another haha! It had couscous, squid and shrimp and a tangy sauce that I think we weren't able to properly mix with the couscous.

Grilled Cheese P230

Grilled Cheese - This is my top 3. They weren't stingy on the cheese, and we just saw the cheese ooze out of the bread when we broke it into pieces. Gooey and yummy!

White Chocolate Mocha P100

White Chocolate Mocha drink - It was sooooo hot and having this drink helped a lot! It wasn't too sweet. It was goood!

Piña Colada P140 - My friends ordered this one. It was also a good, refreshing drink. The cherry on the top? Fried and sugared coconut meats. You can also add rum. 

Outside Food: Joshua

There's a store not far from the resort (walking distance). You can buy your food here. They also accept paluto for P80/kg per dish. They also sell raw meats. Just in case you want to have liempo or porkchop, you can buy from them, then you can just have them cook it for you. Food here's not bad. 

A few tips

  1. Be prepared. Most of the vacationists there almost had their whole house with them, bringing a rice cooker and utensils and all. The resort can lend you some of their items (if they have them), but of course it's hard to ask them for everything (although it's also hard to bring everything).
  2. There's  a wet market around 10-15minute drive away from the resort where you can buy your ingredients and seafood if you wish to cook (or grill) at the resort.
  3. There's NO NETWORK CONNECTION at the resort. 
  4. There's a corkage fee of 50% of the selling price of the items you will be bringing in (if they are available in their store). But they weren't really strict with us, so Idk!
  5. Cooking time? 30minutes - 1hour. 

Visit their facebook page @Real Surf PH; instagram account @realsurfph

Forever Munchin',

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