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by - Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy new year!
Another year has come, and this means that the long holiday season just ended, the season of never ending feasts.
Every start of the year, we all vow to work hard and get out of the slightly tighter clothes the holiday season put us in. But, as the foodie that I am, I refuse to sacrifice discovering restaurants just to shed some weight. Thus, I took this as an opportunity to include places offering healthy food in my conquests this year, and the first stop: Satinka Naturals.
I called the restaurant prior to visiting to make sure that they are open on Sundays. Luckily, they are. I also asked if they have parking spaces, and yes, they do!
We arrived the restaurant and it was empty. We walked up to the second floor (because it looks prettier there lol) and the staff just turned the air-conditioning on right there and then, so it was a bit hot.
The ambiance of the place has an ethnic theme, judging from the paintings, other decors and wooden furniture. It also has some modern twists, and one is in the form of colorful pillows that you lean back on when you sit on the "floor" on one of their areas.
We ordered their vegetarian quarter pounder, chicken honey mustard, greek platter and super food it.

Vegetarian Quarter Pounder P249

•patty with broccoli, cauliflowers, mushrooms, kidney beans and chick peas•vegan bread•vegan cheddar cheese spread•mayonnaise•side fries• 

This veggie burger was heavy, even though it wasn't really that big. The patty tasted like radish cake. Most of the flavor came from its condiment: the mustard. It was good. It didn't taste awful like you would expect from an all-veggie burger. The fries were also good although it was a bit soggy and it tasted like how you make your fries at home.
Chicken Honey Mustard P238

•chicken fillet•honey mustard sauce•light cream•raw and honey white wine•parmesan cheese•red rice•salad•

This was the first one served to us and it was so tempting because of how good it smelled. The chicken fillet had a bit of a crunch, and it was covered with the honey mustard sauce. This was good, although I realized that it had that sweet, buttery taste. On a side note, in the menu, it was stated that we can choose from either the red rice or the pesto mashed potato as our carbs. But, we weren't given the option, and we already forgot about it until the orders arrived :( I really wanted to try that pesto mashed potato.
Greek Platter P298

•chicken strips in herbs•spiced mint beef 100% lean grass fed (meatballs)•red rice•Greek salad• 

The chicken and meatballs were both well spiced and tender. It tasted like Mediterranean food, although not too authentic (based from what I've tried, I think?). The salad was okay, it didn't feel like it had a difference from the regular salads, but it was healthy so yay!
Super Food It P180

•organic chia seeds•flax seeds•raw macca X•acai berry•banana•blueberries or mixed berries• 

Detox drink that can substitute as food (which is why it there is a "new meal in the glass" written about it on the menu). This was good. The flavor that I was able to taste from it was the banana (although not too strong, as I was able to taste the other fruits as well although these weren't dominating). The consistency was more liquid, like most detox juices I've tried (yes, juice. Not shake/ smoothie consistency).
Service was outstanding. The servers stayed at the ground floor but they didn't neglect us: their customers upstairs lol! The staff (who has a really deep but soothing voice lol) also managed to crack a few jokes with us during our entire stay.
They also sell some consumer products like shampoos and soaps that are made by them.
Satinka offers food that are healthy. Some may not be so healthy but are definitely better than any other food you can get from regular restaurants. To top it all off, the quality and serving of the food here isn't compromised to make way for healthier versions of our favorite dishes.
It's nice to eat healthy when you have restaurants like this to run to!
P.S. we were supposed to order the cajun grilled chicken and shrimps and mixed super berries, but they had no shrimps and blueberries :(

My score:
Pricing – 4/5
Service – 4/5
 Ambiance – 4/5  
Taste – 4/5

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