One Cheesy Saturdate: Jin Joo Korean Grill

by - Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jin Joo Korean Grill
5F SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

I don't frequent SM Aura that much because I have nothing much to do in there. So, when news about a new Korean restaurant broke out, I was so shocked and enthused! I didn't see it coming! Then, my sister and I stalked the restaurant's social media pages only to find out that they offer something different from other Korean restaurants. Something CHEESY, and, we got more excited that we planned to pay it a visit the first chance we get, which is today.
We arrived the restaurant at around 11:10am and the restaurant was still closed, with only 1-2 servers in the house. And, with no details on their opening time (I searched), we waited on the couch outside. Luckily, it wasn't a long wait as we the restaurant opened its doors a few minutes after.
The place looks great, especially for a girl who loves pastel pink and blue 128518 The temperature was also cold, and we got to realize how important it was when we were already grilling our meats.
We were sure that we were ordering the cheese dung galbi, but we weren't sure on what else. I wanted to try their 8 flavor samgyeopsal, their most priced (literally lol) item on the menu (and good for 3-4 pax). However, since I saw photos of it, I figured it may be too much for a table for 2. So, we just ordered their other recommended dishes: the moksal, samgyeopsal and wusamgyup.
Each meat comes with six free, refillable side dishes, plus the very green and fresh lettuce.
Samgyeopsal P390
3 cuts of unmarinated pork belly. I was surprised when I saw their samgyeopsal because it wasn't the usual, thin cut ones. We've also been to two non-unli meat Korean restaurants prior to today and their serving for the samgyeopsal was smaller than this one (although this one's priced a little higher). The taste was good. Typical. Although I think I'd prefer thin cut ones.

Wusamgyup P500

USDA choice beef belly. Serving for this one is also more than the other Korean restaurants I've tried. It's also good. Typical unmarinated beef.

Moksal P350

2 large pork shoulder slices. Initially, I tried to taste the difference of this one with the samgyeopsal and I found nothing. I think it must have something to do with the difference in the meat but I didn't notice that much (if there was). It was also good.

What I liked about these meats (and what they do have in common) is that they're all tender. It's so easy to cut with their huge scissors and easy to chew. Oh, and I also used their sauces (one with salt and oil, and the other one was the red sauce that tasted like the soup Korean restaurants give), and I liked the meats better with these. It's the first time I used sauces for my meats, by the way.
Cheese Dung Galbi P950 (good for 1-2)

I liked this one a lot! This was first presented to us on a huge, metal pan that had dividers, on top of a small stove. Then, a server melts the cheese, swirls them around each rib part and then places them on your plate. The leftover cheese was mixed with the rice, and then the egg was cooked next, etc. Everything goes on a separate plate afterwards (except the ribs).

We were given a plastic glove to eat the ribs with and it was heaven. The ribs were so tender, it kinda just falls off the bones and into your mouth, hassle free. It's also good to eat right after they place it on your plates so the mozzarella cheese is still melty. My only wish is that this dish have more ribs, since it only has five 128532
Service went from "uhhhh" to "yay"! When we arrived there were only 2 servers, and customers kept coming in that the restaurant got full before 12 and we felt that the servers were feeling rattled having to go around with only two legs each. But then more servers started coming in for their shift and the restaurant was able to adapt to the crowd.

By the way, we were able to finish all of our orders and here were only two of us (me and my sister), but we were really stuffed. People kept staring at our table. I felt like they were judging us how we're food monsters 128514
I'd love to swing by again and give their 8 flavor samgyeopsal a shot. It seems interesting given all the distinct flavors you'll be able to taste. Can't wait to choose my favorite.
Jin Joo is on soft opening. It is located at 5th floor SM Aura (beside Mona Lisa Ristorante) and opens at 11am.

My score:
Pricing – 3/5
Service – 4/5
 Ambiance – 5/5  
Taste – 4/5

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  1. Miss. What is the price range? Affordable?

  2. Miss. What is the price range? Affordable?

  3. I'm currently looking for a catering services in Taguig then I found this blog. Last week we visited here, I can say that the place was nice, the food was good but a little bit pricey, services okay, overall good naman. I still recommend this Restaurant.