Min Sok Korean Restaurant

by - Saturday, January 07, 2017

Min Sok Korean Restaurant
Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City

We were supposed to try a new place that offered unli wagyu but upon arriving the place, we were told that they are fully booked. So, we went to another samgyupsal place before we ended up in Min Sok. Yes, it's open today, December 31.

I didn't mind that the place does not offer unli samgyupsal since I thought the serving will be enough for me and my siblings.
There are parking spaces in front of the restaurant. Upon entering, the first thing we noticed was the temperature in the restaurant. It was hot and there were not much people so we chose a table near the aircon.
We ordered their samgyupsal, chadolbaki, deungsim and kimchi rice. This came with free side dishes such as the soup, lettuce, egg, pancake, kimchi (I'm not sure about the names of the dishes)
Samgyupsal P300
10 pcs of the samgyupsal per order. I don't appreciate my samgyupsal meat cut in this manner, so I found it okay, nothing special. Also, the first batch that we got had bones in it (seen on the photo) The second ones didn't.

Chadolbaki P380

8 pcs of thinly sliced beef that shrinks when under heat. This is a total waste of money. There's nothing special in it and it won't help you with your hunger.

Deungsim P590
Deungsim cut into cubes

2 pcs of steak-like beef. I loved this one. It was tender and tasty. It was pretty much like a steak.

Kimchi Rice P300

A plate of kimchi rice that was good, but also pricey. One plate is good for one person.

Oh, I liked their side dishes, although I think it's your typical Korean side dishes. The soup was also good. It wasn't too spicy but you'll feel that "sting" on your throat.
My advice to everyone who wants to try this place: get the deungsim. It's more pricey but if you think about it, an order of this equates to around 2-3 orders of the samgyupsal. It will satisfy you more without having to pay more as well. We learned that the hard way.
My score:
Pricing – 3/5
Service – 3/5
 Ambiance – 3/5  
Taste – 4/5

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