Asian-American Fusion at Ping Pong Diplomacy

by - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ping Pong Diplomacy is another standout restaurant at SM Aura, established by one of the restauranteurs currently dominating the business, Charles Paw and the Tasteless Group. The restaurant offers a fusion of American and Chinese cuisine, a combination that really interests me.

Team Kalakdarin went on a mini foodcrawl at SM Aura and visited this place second. At past lunch, this place was still pretty packed. Good thing our wait time only took a few minutes.

Although this was our second stop, we really thought about having our heavy meals here, so we ordered the crunchy eggplant, simple fried eggs, Dan Dan chicken skin rice, surf & turf noodles and fortune balls.
Crunchy Eggplant P140

Battered eggplant, fragrant sauce, prickly ash. I loved their crunchy eggplant! Its sweet and crunchy batter went so well with the eggplant. Definitely addicting. A must try!

Simple Fried Eggs P135

Scallions, pork floss, oriental sauce. I'm not a total fan of eggs being cooked in high heat and getting toasted, but the oriental sauce and pork floss made this dish bearable for me.

Dan Dan Chicken Rice P285
Crispy chicken skin, fermented chili bean, toasted peanuts. This rice has all the components of an Asian dish, but the taste was still phenomenal. It was so packed with flavors that I had the urge to eat it with rice, forgetting that it IS already rice. It was still good, though. Serving was also a lot.

Surf & Turf Noodles P285
Blue Mussels, char siew, 62 degree egg. This is another classic Chinese dish, especially the sweet sauce used to toss the noodles in. The taste was very familiar. It was good, although I didn't find it too special.

Taro Balls P150
Taro, ginger and sesame mochi, sesame crumble, pistachio cream. Mochi balls are one of the many food items I was addicted to years back. There were times when I bought a bunch of them to store in my fridge and snack on back when I was in Taiwan. The fortune balls from PPD weren't too different from the regular mochi balls, except that the former were smaller and a bit firmer. A dessert that doesn't taste all sugar, these fortune balls have my yes.

The Tasteless Group has once again proved why they are clearly ahead, if not winning the race. Ping Pong Diplomacy is another restaurant that successfully surprised me with its play with flavors.

My Scores:
Pricing - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 3.5/5
Taste - 4/5

Date of Visit: April 30, 2017

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