A Hidden Gem at City of Dreams: Crystal Dragon

by - Friday, May 26, 2017

Crystal Dragon is a restaurant hidden behind the walls of City of Dreams. It's a restaurant I've never heard before, but the name itself easily suggests that it's a restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine, which I never back down from.

The luxurious looking crystal dragons displayed in the restaurant, the fancy tableware, and the overall fine dining vibe of this restaurant all gave hints to a fantastic lunch ahead. Although it was hard to conceal my excitement, I was able to wait it out and experience an authentic Chinese/ Cantonese cuisine. 

Cantonese Steamed Three Dimsum Combination
The basked was comprised of the following:
  • Steamed Abalone And Pork "Siew Mai" (Green)
  • Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling (Orange)
  • Steamed Crab Meat and Abalone in Squid Ink Dumpling
All the dim sums were generously stuffed with ingredients, yet amazingly intact that nothing falls off when bitten. My favorite out of these huge dim sums was the one with the steamed crab meat (zebra design) because each bite was abundant in flavors that you don't usually get out of a dumpling. Best consumed while still hot. 

Braised Supreme Sea Treasures and Spinach in Broth
I love soups with thick broths, and this one made it to my "loved" list. Aside from that, I also enjoyed all the different "treasures" in this soup, although I cannot recognize most of it. There was also a slight sourness to it that's very familiar in Chinese soups.. 

Steamed Rice Roll Filled with Crispy Seafood
This was my favorite. The crispy breading that separates the seafood and the rice roll added a nice texture to the dish that makes devouring it even more satisfying. For me, this is a more exciting version of the chong fan, or vermicelli roll (Hong Kong). It also goes well with the peanut and XO sauce, but if you're allergic to peanuts (and can't have the peanut sauce), then fear not because I also enjoyed it as much even without. 

Crispy Golden Swan Dumpling Filled with Salted Duck Egg Yolk
This is one of the most instagrammable and cleverly presented dishes I've discovered so far as a foodie. The neck of the swan is made of a biscuit-like tasting component, while the body is the dumpling itself. I found this to be good on my first few bites, but less enjoyable in the long run. It was a bit starchy, and I just think I can't have a large portion of it. That's just me. But it's still good. 

Wok-Fried Turnip Cake with XO Spicy Sauce
These bite sized turnip cakes are perfect for snacking. I loved tat it tasted like our family's favorite dish (from another restaurant), with the same savory combination of the bell peppers, garlic, and a little spice.

Wok-Fried Egg Noodles with Shredded Pork, Mushrooms, and Chinese Cabbage
The serving may look small, plain and ordinary, but looks can indeed be deceiving. This noodle dish was flavorful. Aside from being peppery, most of its flavors came from the sauce coating its thin noodles, and from all its toppings. 

Chilled Sweetened Mango Sphere Coconut Mousse
The best and most surprising way to end a Chinese feast? Have a desert that is unusual in a Chinese restaurant! While most may be fond of the typical almond jelly or mango sago as dessert, chef Bong Jun Choi decided to do dessert with a different approach, and the result is incredible. The coconut cream, mangoes, white chocolate, and even the pinipig crunch and the unrefined sugar, altogether made a terrific dessert. By the way, it reminded me of a classic Filipino panghimagas. Can you guess what it is? ~ the maja blanca =)

Chinese Tea
I don't have a photo of this because I didn't think it would matter (hello, it's just tea!), but I'm just going to mention this anyway. Here in Crystal Dragon, you'll notice that even their tea tastes different. Most Chinese restaurants serve black tea (is it?), but this one's different. I just don't remember this type of tea, but I like it better.

By the way, I checked the prices of all the items offered in Crystal Dragon, and I was surprised to see that it's not really that pricey. Some of the items are affordable.

Crystal Dragon is one of the many restaurants found inside City of Dreams, and while many of those get all the attention, I believe that this quiet, humble restaurant deserves to come out of the shadows and into the spotlight. 

My Scores:
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 5/5
Taste 4.5/5

Hungry for more,

Crystal Dragon is located at UG/F Crown Towers Manila, Aseana Boulevard Corner Macapagal Avenue, Entertainment City, Parañaque City

Date of Visit: May 24, 2017

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