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by - Saturday, November 17, 2018

I haven't always been a fan of sashimi or other sushi items. Back then, all I can eat from the Japanese cuisine were the California makis, tempura, or basically anything cooked. But this changed early last year, and as I craved for a salmon sashimi, I couldn't think of any other place to get it than this place I've been meaning to try.

Genki Sushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant franchise established in Japan in 1968. 

One unique feature about the restaurant is their use of ipads as an ordering system. With this device, you will be able to see the price per item, and even your running bill so you won't have to worry about going over your budget!

Your orders will then be served to your table by the sushi train. You also press a button to make the train return to the kitchen after you have retrieved your orders.

So now that I have discussed the idea behind the restaurant's unique ordering system, why don't I give you a glimpse of what some of the food looks and tastes like?

Fish Roe Gunkan P150
Lobster Salad Gunkan P180 
Spicy Salmon Gunkan P110

Shrimp Mayo Gunkan P90

I was not able to try any of the Gunkan items, but I do think it's one of the first ones I am going to order in my next (of many) visit(s).

Spam Tamago P120
More and more restaurants have been offering inventive dishes using the breakfast staple spam, and this spam tamago sushi is Genki's version. It's just your Japanese rice topped with spam and tamago. Pretty basic, huh?

Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe P160
I honestly loved everything salmon that we consumed, whether cooked or raw. I liked the seared salmon with pollock roe because of the perfectly cooked salmon and the added flavor from the pollock roe.

Seared Salmon Skin Nigiri P120
The seared salmon skin nigiri, on the other hand, happens to be the favorite from the people at our booth. It's a must-try, especially for those who do not enjoy raw sushi. 

Fried Salmon Skin P100
An order that we unexpectedly loved was the fried salmon skin. It packs a nice crisp and a bit of a kick in every bite that complements with their dip. 

Hana Sushi P160
The hana sushi is rice wrapped in raw salmon, topped with mayo and fish roe. It tasted great, but I still prefer plain salmon sashimi with lemon juice.

Salmon Sashimi P250 (4 pcs)
And of course, no trip to a Japanese sushi restaurant will be complete without a plate of fresh, Norwegian salmon sashimi.

Shrimp Tempura Roll P160
Since the california roll is an old and boring choice of roll, we opted to try the more uncommon ones. A chunk of shrimp in a sushi roll like the shrimp tempura roll seemed like a great choice, although it wasn't as special as we thought.

Bacon and Asparagus Roll
For something with some vegetables, we tried the bacon and asparagus roll, which had cuts of asparagus rolled in rice and topped with bacon-cut pork and cheese.

Shrimp Tempura P280 (4 pcs)

My friends were disappointed with the shrimp tempura, but I had a different opinion on it. The tempura was bland to them, but not for me. I liked how simple and light it tasted, especially with their tempura sauce. 

Kanikama Trio P199
The kanikama trio is a sampler of their seared kanikama, seared kanikama with pollock roe, and seared kanikama with black pepper.

Matcha Double Fromage P180
I know the Japanese to be a people who hate anything ridiculously sweet, and it's something that is reflected in Genki Sushi's desserts. Their matcha double fromage was very light, although I would have preferred it to have a stronger matcha taste. 

Strawberry Cheesecake P200
The strawberry cheesecake had a very smooth texture, and used a cheese that tasted different from the usual cheesecake we have. It took a while for me to appreciate it, but I did. 

Chocolate Mousse P180
Their chocolate mousse had different layers of chocolate with different textures, and a bottom layer made with meringue that made the cake more enjoyable.

Not only does Genki Sushi serve delicious food from quality ingredients, they also have the best and friendliest wait staff that completes a memorable Genki experience. It doesn't matter when, or who I am going to be with, or whether I have to come alone, but I will definitely be back for more of Genki's sushi. 

My Scores:
Pricing - 4/5
Service - 5/5
Ambiance - 5/5
Taste - 4/5

Hungry for more,

Check out Genki Sushi's World Kitchen Fight 2018 here.

Address: 2F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City (and 5 other locations)
Operating Hours: Mall Hours
Contact: (+632) 624-0175
Budget: from P500 per person
Parking: Private Parking (Free) 
Facebook: @GenkiSushiPH
Instagram: @GenkiSushiPH

(Date of Visit: November 3, 2018)

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