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by - Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sun Q and Soy Story Pastries are two of my favorite food finds in this quarantine! 

Sun Q offers some DIY sinkers you can use for your desserts and drinks. 

Matcha Milk Tea with Red Beans

For the red beans (P280), I decided to make a quick matcha milk tea to pair with the red beans. The red beans are delivered frozen and ready to use. 

Taro Milk Tea with Ube Cubes

For the ube cubes (P250), I decided to make a taro milk tea with some powder I bought from the convenience store. I just added some fresh milk and topped it with some cream cheese foam I made. The ube cubes, like the red beans, are ready to use. No cooking needed!

Wintermelon Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls

For the tapioca pearls with brown sugar syrup (P175), of course the easiest way I can think of is to have it as sinkers to my milk tea. Their pearls are delivered frozen in a pouch, which you'll have to boil for 3 minutes prior to using. 

Chia Pudding with Pearls, Red Beans, and Ube Cubes

I also tried to make my own version of halo-halo with all these products using chia seeds (since I have a big pack at home). I soaked the chia seeds in soy milk overnight, then I just combined the ingredients layer by layer (pearls, chia pudding, red beans, chia pudding, ube cubes). I honestly didn't expect it to taste good, but I really got to enjoy it. 

Other products include barley (P300), kidney beans (P280), and sweet peanuts (P250). Prices indicated are per kilo (four 250g pouches)

Suncake P340 (box of 5)

They had 5 flavors of suncake available - plain, salted egg, ube, red bean mochi, and ube mochi. I got to try the ube mochi and the red bean mochi, both of which I found to taste really good. The pastry was flaky on the outside, had a thin layer of mochi in between, and a generous amount of filling, which did not taste too sweet.

Pineapple Cake P450-P560

I first tried pineapple cakes when I went to Taiwan. I always bought a lot of them to bring home to my friends and family, but I did not really understand what was good about it until I got to try them again today. They have 2 variants available - the pineapple cake, and the salted egg pineapple cake. I liked the latter better because the salted egg balances out the sweetness from the pineapple filling. 

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