Jin Joo Korean Grill Delivers!

by - Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Maintaining your sanity during lockdown is such a challenge. You can't deny battling anxiety from missing the outdoors and your friends, and worrying about tomorrow. These are hard times we are in, and I just feel relieved to have found an effective way for me to de-stress ~ FOOD.

Getting to eat good food made me feel a lot better. So I'm really thankful to small business and restaurants who decided to combat the difficulties brought about by the restrictions of the ECQ to serve customers.

One of those restaurants that can cater to your cravings at home is Jin Joo Korean Grill! They are now open to deliver your favorite meats and ready-to-eat dishes for your very own KBBQ-at-home experience. And I'm about to share with you mine.

Garlic Crust & Spicy Chicken Pops P360

Chicken pops marinated in a light, sweet soy marinade and topped with crispy garlic slices.

Haemul Pajeon P280

What's a good KBBQ lunch without Korean pancakes? It's a good dish I like to alternate with the meats as a palate cleanser.

Jinjoo Fried Wings & Tteokbokki

Jin Joo's fried wings and rice cakes are coated in their own special sauce. It looked really spicy, but it was not. It had a really subtle spice to it that does not linger on the lips for too long.

Beef Bibimbap P355

MI was overwhelmed when I saw the size of the beef bibimbap. I really loved this one. It was huge, but there was enough vegetables, meat, and sauce for the amount of rice. The beef was also tender and had a sweet and sality marinade that blends well with the sauces.

All of Jin Joo's meals from their ala carte menu are good for 2-3 people.

Cajun Spiced Samgyupsal P345 (300g)

Let's start with one of my not-so-usual orders. I normally like plainly seasoned meats whenever I'm having KBBQ, but this one from Jin Joo is always an exception. 

Cajun Spiced Samgyupsal
I love the combination of flavors it has, as you can probably see from its dry rub, minus the spice.

Seasoned Woosamgyup P375 (300g)

Seasoned Woosamgyup P375 (300g)

Seasoned Samgyupsal P295 (300g)

Of course, I also had my KBBQ staples woosamgyup and samgyupsal.

Beef Enoki Roll P600 (500g)

But an absolute MUST that you just can't have from other KBBQ restaurants is the beef enoki roll.

The enoki gives a slightly sweet flavor to the beef plus an added crunch that makes it all the more irresistible.

So when you find yourself craving for Korean BBQ, make sure you make the most out of it by ordering quality and delicious meats. I highly recommend ordering from Jin Joo Korean Grill.

Jin Joo accepts orders via Viber. Read the full details here. You can also check out their full delivery menu here. (Delivery is available only in Glorietta 4 branch). 

Hungry for more,

Address: G/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City
Budget: from P500 per person
Contact: +63917 255 5578
Instagram: @jinjookorean 
Facebook: @jinjookorean 

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