Yoshimeatsu's Tebasaki and Naked Sushi

by - Thursday, June 18, 2020

Apart from our favorite meats, you can now level up your #YEAHkiniku experience even when at home with these new offers from Yoshimeatsu!
Creamy Wasabi Wings

I'm gonna start with the flavor I liked least, which is the creamy wasabi flavor, although it has nothing to do with the execution of the dish. I am just not a fan of wasabi. (Yes, even when eating sashimi)

Gojuchang Wings

The next flavor I tried is the gojuchang, which I loved. I was expecting it to be red hot spicy (because it's gojuchang) but there was not much spice into it (coming from someone who has a low tolerance when it comes to spicy food). But the flavor was spot on both in and out of each piece of wing. 

Yangnyeom Wings

One of my favorites from the four flavors I tried was the yangnyeom. It just perfectly satisfies your palate's craving for sweet and salty flavors. 

Butter Garlic

Last but not least, the butter garlic flavor was really good. It's so good that it can make you picture a piece of shrimp you used to eat at a dampa, except that this is chicken and thus cheaper. It would have been more perfect if the flavor really sinked into the inner parts of the chicken, though it did not miss that much. 

Other tebasaki wings flavors include the carbonara and salted miso.

Krazy Kani Naked Sushi

Baked sushi trays have become very popular these past few months, and of course, this Japanese yakiniku place has their own version of it which they call naked sushi. 

How to eat the naked sushi

I got to try their krazy kani flavor which is a combination of kani and fish roe with spicy mayo dressing. I honestly enjoyed it despite the mess and the "hassle" of having to assemble it prior to eating, but what I loved most about it was how the meat to rice ratio is even. Thanks for the generosity, Yoshimeatsu! 

The naked sushi also comes in their green minded (herb chicken) and naked combo (half kani half chicken) flavors. They also include free pack(s) of nori depending on the size of naked sushi you order. The best part is that their prices start at PHP 299 (good for 1-2 pax) which is really affordable. 

They also accept online orders and payments. Order now!

Hungry for more,

Address: Yoshimeatsu has several branches. Click here for the complete list!
Budget: from P299 per person
Contact: +63916 431 3124
Instagram: @yoshimeatsu 
Facebook: @yoshimeatsu 

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