Hall of Faves 2019

by - Friday, February 07, 2020

2019 went by so fast! I had a lot of restaurants lined up that I didn't even get to visit. But nevertheless, it was still a good year filled with foodventures!

Hall of Faves is my version of a Top 10 list. It's a list of the dishes that I tried for the first time and instantly craved for right after I finish a plate or step out of the restaurant's doors. Most importantly, these are the dishes that I can't stop blabbering about (sorry, friends!). Here we go!

10 Beef Enoki Roll and Dry Rub Samgyupsal (Mr. Korea)

First on my list is the beef enoki roll from Mr. Korea. I'm a woosamgyup kind of lady when it comes to KBBQ, but I really missed having other options aside from the usual ones available, which is why I really liked this one. I also loved their dry rub samgyupsal! It was spicy but it had really nice flavors. I enjoyed dipping it in cheese.

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9 Mechado Taco (Kusina Moderne)

The mechado taco was the first dish we ate at Kusina Moderne and it tasted heavenly! The pulled beef was flavorful and insanely tender. It had a perfect balance between sweet and salty made even more perfect with a squeeze of calamansi. Its thin wanton taco shell was also to thank for highlighting all the flavors in each taco.

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8 Salmon Aburi Bowl and Hummus Dip (Southbank Cafe)

I've Southbank Cafe has a really extensive food menu, and I got to taste most of them, which is why I kinda have two favorites from this restaurant: their salmon aburi bowl and hummus dip.  First of all, what's not to love about a healthy and filling dish made with salmon flakes? Second, that hummus dip, even if it's made with beetoroot, did not taste earthy at all. The cream cheese was also a nice touch. It's surprisingly very good.

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7 Wagyu Bolar Blade (Wagyupsal)

I've tried a lot of Korean BBQs over the past few years even before it became popular here in Manila, but I Wagyupsal's wagyu bolar blade was just different. I loved how it's so tender even if it's lean meat. 

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6 Chicken Levantine Rice Bowl (Med Mediterranean)

It's no doubt that I love Med Mediterranean. I've been saying it the entire night I was there. But since I loved everything that we tried there, it was hard for me to choose my favorite until I decided what to order on my next visit. Their chicken levantine rice bowl is now my go-to order! And I like how it's relatively cheap and how you can create your own mix. What I do is replace the grilled vegetables with fried eggplants, and the Moroccan carrot salad with tabbouleh, then add a squeeze of lemon (and some extra sauce perhaps). 

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5 Mala Soup (Four in Love)

For a lady who has low tolerance when it comes to spicy food, I don't know how I'm going to cope with my new found love with it. And I only have the mala soup from Four in Love to blame. I loved how cooking my beef slices in it for a few seconds gives it such amazing flavors. I best enjoyed it with their sauce, and a bunch of extra shreds of cilantro. 

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4 Beef Salpicao (Calderon)

All the beef salpicaos I've had so far all tasted different, but my favorite would have to be the one from Calderon. It looks pretty basic, with just marinated beef tenderloin, olive oil, and garlic in the mix, but boy was it heavenly! 

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3 Murg Makhani (Royal Indian Curry House)

Paneer was my first love from the Indian cuisine, but the murg makhani from RICH is a close second. I love its curry flavor with a hint of creaminess and spice. I best enjoyed it with naan or roti, but it also surprisingly worked with plain rice. 

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2 Goto Fiesta (Lugaw Manila)

It's a pretty simple dish, but the goto fiesta had what it takes to get to #2 of my list. If they had a branch that's more accessible to me, then I'll probably be their regular. It took me a few weeks to get over my goto craze, after a failed attempt to buy goto fiesta again, and after trying out several others that just did not meet goto fiesta's level. 

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1 Angus Beef Steak (High Street Cafe)

It normally takes a good steak to make me like a buffet restaurant, and they had that at High Street Cafe. I became obsessed with this station when I visited back in 2019, having returned to it at least 3 times that night and craving for it for at least 2 weeks after.

I know it's already we're already in the 2nd month of 2020, but I'm still excited about what it has in store for me! Stay tuned for my Hall of Faves this year.

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